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[ Heavy Spoilers ] Choice does Matter! ( not a impact discussion ! )

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Simply put , i just finished EP4 on the first of my 3 Playthroughs and im quite sure that choice does Matter even if it not on the scale people imagined them to be.

Yes Choices do have a major impact even if the outcome is the same.

What made me feel that my choices matter is the fact that after replaying Episode 1-4 the first time now to get ready for EP5 that even if i replay the game i have to think about them.

After EP2 got initially released i could not kill larry in the Meat locker even if he was such an ass. I killed both saint Jones and had no regret back then even with the impact on clem. Same goes for the food in the car.

After EP3 i decided hell he has to die, but spared the brothers and did not take the food from the car sine i saw how sad clem had become.

After EP4 i will not kill him once more since i was quite aware how emotionally distant clem has been from my Lee.

I just cant bear seeing that happening and i just so much hope if i make the "right" desicions the emotial distance will fade a bit.

So even after playing the game over and over again those desicions are never " you have to do that " for me which makes them great even if the outcome only changes in minor parts or more in the way how people react to your changes.
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  • The situations can totally change which is enough for me.
  • totally agreed thats why i take the nearly same train again just to be a more morally integer person than in my last playthrough i just cant stand the fact that beeing viewed as a "bad" person from someone who is obviously the future in this already mean world.

    I think i have to say good job telltale you told me a lesson in morals, since at the start of EP1 i was in the "My survival is the only thing that matters" boat.
  • Decisions do matter. More so in how other characters talk to you. The story itself ends up basically in the same place for major decisions, which I'm fine with. It's extraordinarily difficult for the company to make several different branching stories for several difference scenarios.

    Like you said, even if it's just small things like this:

    In Episode 4, the first time I played, when Clem crawls through the dog door I praised her for doing it to help us and she was happy.

    The second time, I told her she did a good job, but she needs to ask me before she does things like this.

    A little bit later, inside the house, I talked to Clem again and she apologized for not asking me and seemed sad that I had "gently warned" her before. That was a totally different encounter based on how I had interacted with her earlier.

    The dialogue you choose has an incredible impact on how things play out later based on character interactions. That's the most important thing because that's what The Walking Dead has always been about. How characters interact with each other at the end of the world.
  • Considering that you have like 8 different decisions at the end of episode 4, yes. Choices do really matter.
  • Well i think we played a different game i had more than 8 Choices alone in episode 4! I am not only speaking about live/die choices but about every little reaction to anything.
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