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Make up an ending!

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Lee watches as the group sails off with Clem safe. He turns shortly after with an "i did good" smile. Then suddenly he wakes up and a loud tuba sound plays! His face is covered in flour.. His brother walks into his room and starts cracking up. Lee beats him to death with the tuba while his mother watches. (credits) How would you like Ep.5 to end?
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  • Wydiwyg, uhm don't watch the Dawn of the Dead 2005 remake.

    On topic, optional deaths all around, including Clem.

    I belive the most "glorious" ending will be Clem, Kenny, Omid and Christa on the boat off to wherever. I do belive it will be a better ending if Kenny survives since he is the only one we know can handle a boat and know the water.

    Worst ending everyone dies, second worst everyone but Clem, everyone can probably survive... all but Lee obviously. I belive we might have a counter through the episode estimating when Lee will turn, but then again that would probably ruin the immersion. The point, Lee can probably die by taking to long to find Clem and die/turn at many times and that will be a "legit" ending rolling the credits and some end results.

    I have never bought the story of that the voice on the walkie has Clem's parents, the closest I can imagine are their zombiefied corpses but that sound quite unlikely to me. His end goal? Either he is really out for Clem or he might be out for some revenge on Lee, somehow connected to that senator Lee killed since we have been running with that through the story.
  • owyn;696616 said:
    Basing on the previous episodes, I think that it will be like this:
    Christa's baby dies, turns into a zombie in her belly and kills her, like in the Alien movie.
    then the baby noms without teeth and gets nowhere. if anything the babys death passes the infection through the umbilical chord
  • Lee somehow survives his bite. Everybody in the group dies except for Lee, Clem, and Kenny. Depending on your relationship with Kenny, he dies while saving Lee or Clem, or leaves the two. Lee and Clem ponder what to do next as the season ends.
  • It ends with Ben getting everyone, but Lee killed, and after the encounter with the stalker, Lee dies after telling Clem to stay safe and stuff, and how proud he is of her. At some point later on, Clem finds 7 orange orbs and after realizing what they are, she wishes for all of her fallen friends back and for the world to go back to the way it was pre virus. After the reunions, the survivors go to an IHop and then the story ends with a "where are they now" style montage.
  • Whats going to be hilarious is when 'Campman' is his last name and hes alone.

    I imagine the ending will be like this: Kenny begins to die at one point, you have the oportunity to save him but you can't, then Ben dies trying to save Kenny, omid and christa get grabbed, have to make a choice to save one of them, either way they won't be happy and its depressing enough of a choice to match the game, the one Lee saved makes it alot further in but still dies, and in the end it turns out that whoever Lee left behind is who you meet up with and is alive, and it sucks for the people who didn't because then Lee and clementine are both dead because neither can drive a boat or know which way to go and Lee is bitten.

    This would continue with the 'illusion' of choice business that people complained about until ep4 though.
  • Everyone dies.

    Done :D
  • I don't think Clementine would leave Lee to die alone. She's already lost her parents and would probably not loose the closest thing to a family again.
  • Well my headcanon till EP5 hits us is that lee gets clem to a place safe, then as soon as the rest of the group is out of view turns towards kenny smash him to bits and yell " THATS MY WAY TO SHOW YOU APPRECIATION YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT ". Then i rip apart that stupid idot called ben , calm down and calmly say my goodbies to whoever is still with me and put a nice bullet right in the head and thats it.
  • Lee saves Clem from pedo man(walkie talkie)

    The group leaves by boat as they see Lee disapear into the Horizone.

    As the zombie Hoard come for him.

    They End
  • I'm going to do mine in a sort of 'story' format.

    Kenny swallowed as he grasped Lee's forearm in a manly hug. "You were always there for me when I needed you, buddy. I just wish I could do the same for you. I feel like an ass, leaving you like this."
    "Hey," Lee frowned, "you've gotta do what you've gotta do. There's nothing you can do for me anymore. It's over for me. But you can still go on."
    Lee turned, his gaze resting on the tall, slender woman and the shorter man beside her. "Christa, Omid... I only wish I had more time to get to know you both. It's been a good run."
    The corners of Christa's mouth pulled up into a barely-there smile, while Omid limped forward swiftly and crushed Lee into a bear hug.
    Lee hesitated, pleasantly surprised, before wrapping his arms around Omid.
    "It means a lot to have had you guys at my back."
    A tentative clearing of a throat sounded from behind the sickly male, and he turned, to be face with a young sandy-haired teen who was shuffling from foot to foot anxiously.
    "Lee..." Ben began, swallowing audibly. "I-I just wanted you to know... t-that I've always admired you, and stuff... A-a-and I... I'm really sorry for everything. I know I screwed up, I know," he glanced over at Kenny as he said this, "and you have no idea how sorry I-"
    The boy was cut off and Lee buried the younger man in his arms. "Hey, it's okay, man. We're good. All of us. We did some pretty awesome things, right?"
    Ben laughed breathily. Lee could practically feel the relief radiating from the boy.
    "I'll miss ya, bud."
    "I'll miss you too, Lee."
    Lee couldn't help but notice there was one face missing from these farewells. One small, very important face. He turned to face the docks and his warm chocolate brown eyes caught sight of a small dark-haired girl sitting on the side of the pier, looking as fragile and vulnerable as ever in the light of dawn.
    "Clementine," he said weakly, placing a pale hand lightly on her shoulder, "I don't have much time left. But-"
    That was all he had to say before a loud sob emanated from the girl and she collapsed into his grasp, tears streaming down her cheeks.
    "Please don't make me go, Lee! Please don't make me leave you!"
    Lee stroked the child's hair, a crystal tear slipping down his own burning cheek as he buried his chin in her hair.
    "It's time, Clementine," he said, trying not to let the girl see how upset he was. "But before I go... before you go... I just want you to know one thing. I love you, Clementine. We... we went through so much... y-you're like a daughter to me..." he coughed. He could feel his body slackening. Black spots were already dancing in front of his eyes.
    "Keep that hair short, Clementine."
    He looked up with the last of his clear vision and saw Kenny grab Clementine and lift her onto his shoulders. He nodded a final farewell to the dying man on the floor, a sad look in his eyes, and climbed onto the boat, where Christa and Omid were already waiting. Omid saluted Lee, a respectful expression showing clearly on his face.
    Wasn't there someone missing?
    "I-I always trusted you, Lee, I said that, right?" a voice choked with tears piped up from behind him.
    Lee turned his head with the last ounces of strength he could muster and looked blearily into the bright, teary blue eyes of Ben Paul.
    "I can't let you become one of those things. This is the least I can do for all the times I've fucked up," Ben whispered hoarsely. Lee's eyes cast upon the small pistol Ben was gripping tightly in his left hand. "I-I finally have courage, Lee."
    Kenny looked round from the boat, just in time to see Ben's long fingers squeeze the trigger.
    "Ben, NO-!" he yelled, alerting the others. He lurched out of the boat and tripped over his feet, looking up from his vantage point on the floor.
    Lee's body fell in a graceful arc towards the ground as a loud BANG echoed through the quiet night skies. A few groans coming from a small group of alerted walkers drifted towards them on the air, and Ben looked down at the gun in a mix of horror and disbelief. He turned and sprinted towards the boat, and Omid hauled him up and looked at him with a mix of respect and shock. Clementine curled up and sobbed. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the mangled corpse back on the pier as the boat pushed off from the docks.
    Lee's head rose from the wood and swivelled in their direction, as he rose and began limping towards the edge of the pier.
    "Lee!" Clementine shrieked, waving her arms and leaping up and down. "Lee!"
    Christa held her back and Kenny shook his head, putting his arm in front of Clementine so she couldn't move.
    "Lee's alive, Kenny! We have to go back for him! We have to!" Clementine cried, looking at all of them in turn urgently.
    "Clementine..." Ben whispered. "He's not alive. He's not okay."
    Clementine turned her head, eyes filling up, and looked at the man standing alone on the pier. "He doesn't look like a walker," she said, but she knew in her heart that she was trying to reassure herself more than anything else. She could see the unnatural light glinting from Lee's eyes, the limp in his step that wasn't there before... and the gaping hole that was ripped into the side of his skull.
    As the boat sailed into the ocean with no certain destination, all that you could hear as the sun set was the cries of a small girl and the groans of the undead, as the man stood and watched on the end of the pier. He was a walker, no doubt; but this walker's heart was heavy. His eyes travelled along the length of the distant ship until it disappeared, and he looked back at the other undead of his kind. They were mindless savages. He still had a mind, if just a little. Before he could process what he was doing, his left foot lifted and the water rushed towards him as he stepped off the edge of the pier. Water entered his body, yet he couldn't feel it. He let it happen. Two minutes later, Lee Everett was no more.
    There was a shift in the air that day, everyone could feel it. But very few knew what it was. Kenny; the grieving man who had lost his best friend, wife and son in a matter of weeks: Ben; the young boy who was responsible for ending the lives of so many friends, and had now ended the life of the one man he could trust; Clementine, the nine-year-old who was finally tasting the harsh and bitter scent of reality, and Christa and Omid; the once-happy couple whose life was now in shambles.
    The world was empty.

    Sorry it was so long!
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