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Hi guys,

I was drawn in here by Sam & Max but this Bone game looks like a laugh, and the demo's pretty good. Anyway...

I was wondering how the download thingy works for the full game? I don't have the internet at home (stoneage I know) so I'm hoping I can download the game, burn it to CD and then install the game when I get home.

Will that work okay or does the install program have to access the internet?


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  • That should work, although you'll have to make sure you burn the actual installer, and not the download manager which is a small file that comes before the installer. Download the download manager, run it, and when asked where you want to save the install file, save it somewhere that will be easy to find. (If you're not prompted for where to save it, you can find it afterwards by doing a search of your computer.)

    The only thing that won't work without an internet connection is activation, but there are ways around that. You will need to send us your computer's hardware fingerprint, and we'll send back an activation key that you can use to activate the game. This is Out from Boneville, right? I'll have to double-check and see how you can access the hardware fingerprint in that game. (We're in the process of standardizing the games so the Activation Support button is always in the same place, but that's not the case yet.)
  • Update - the link you need to click in Out from Boneville to access your hardware fingerprint is at the top of the window and says Manual Key Entry.
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