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I hate you, TellTale. I really do.

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1. I'm a grown-ass man. When I told Clem that we might not have time to search for her parents, and she started crying, turned away from me when I tried to reach out....... I almost teared up. I'm a grown-ass man and nearly cried because of this. I hate you, TTG.

2. This isn't a game. It's a damn awful experience. I spend the whole time worrying about the people in the group and what could happen to them. I get angry when something might happen to Clem. I worry and fret even after I get through.

3. See #1. I've played games for a long time. A LONG time. (I had a Magnavox Odyessy 2 - look it up.) There have been plenty of games that I've enjoyed and loved playing. Some, I play multiple times because I enjoy it. But, TTG, I have never CARED for a game, more specifically the characters in the game. You have accomplished what - in my opinion - no one ever has before: You made players give a damn about the game, not just a "I don't want my characters to die because I spent a lot of time building up their stats" either; but I honestly don't want anything bad to happen to them. Even that idiot Ben. I saved him. I still believed that Lilly could be saved, too - at least until she drove off with the RV.

4. But, most importantly, I hate you because Lee got bit. How can you do that to us? What if we don't find Clem's mom? What will happen to Clem? That dork Omid? Kenny? Certainly not Kenny. Who will protect her?

You're all a bunch of ass holes. Thanks for making the best game I have ever played. ( I still hate you. )
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  • guys said you have no real life? Now that really makes me cry.

    I wonder what happens when something really dramatic happens in your life...mass hystery?
  • ugh, I knew that there was something wrong with this piece of carton and the radio next to it. I tried so be very careful and ignored the radio, but Lee let's himself get bitten anyway. That's just rude. I guess for amputation it's too late now and there is probably no miracle cure to be found. Slow painful dying with suicide, here I come (in the game, I mean).

    Killing off the main character is a bold move. Just please please please don't end episode 5 with 3 choices of different colors. Copying Mass Effect 3 would not be that funny.

    Otherwise good job with the story telling. The release was again terrible. I had to manually download the single files and then restore the lost savegames. That was annoying.
  • Few games have gotten to me emotionally and only a handful have ever made me cry, this was one of them.

    I felt like really sad when I told Clem we didn't have time to look for her parents that and seeing how far Kenny has fallen really hit hard.
  • To qoute Carley *sniff* REAL HARD HITTING STUFF!

    The whole group wents down the gutter nearly everyone is either emotionally and or physically a wreck! Never played a that intense game for decades!

    And making clem cry was so harsh from you telltale!

    You can kill duck a thousand times even can kill and reanimate carley to kill her off again but YOU CANT MAKE CLEM CRY!
  • Mofakin;696320 said: guys said you have no real life? Now that really makes me cry.

    I wonder what happens when something really dramatic happens in your life...mass hystery?
    Go back to modern warfare honey, the adults are talking.
  • Get your friends to pay for and play this game then. The only way TellTale continues to grow and expand is by selling more copies.

    It's not even like they are that expensive compared to most games. I just spent 64 bucks for Resident Evil 6 a week or so ago...

    I'd buy it again if the finished version had some kind of collectible to go with it.
  • I agree telltale

    You guys did a good job.

    We fell in love with certain characters and we hated others.

    Season 2 make that one even bigger and better.

    Good work good work:D
  • They told us that we'd hate the whole TellTale team if they do their job properly with episode 4. Episode 4 made me hate telltale with my soul, it was not depressing, nor peaceful, or violent, it was just a masterpiece. I really like how the story shocks me, I just do not hate telltale anymore because that's what they want me to do :P
  • A modern day tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. Do you think they'll be studying The Walking Dead in schools a 100 years from now?
  • You know TTG is doing something right and staying true to the spirit of the series when they're getting the same type of comments that Kirkman himself receives.
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