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The Walking Dead My Predictions for Ep.5 and Season 2

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We never found out who was the person who was standing right outside the Fence when you were Burying the kid, and the guy that convinced Clementine he had her parents through the Walkie-Talkie never talked again maybe until the end of the episode... maybe he was snooping around the house trying to look for Clementine but he saw Lee and Ran away. He was probably the guy that Kidnapped Clementine. They said they were going to do Season 2, but if Lee is bitten and will turn how is that going to work? if Lee truly turns, My only guess is that Clementine will become a Playable Character and she got older and knows how to take care of herself? We'll just have to wait and see. Amazing game.
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  • Maybe season 2 will be a whole different story line
  • also who was the person watching from episode 1 in the forest after the crash
  • My guess is the person outside of the fence and on the walkie-talkie is the father from the house everyone holed up in during episode 4. Maybe the house wasn't abandoned and maybe they locked the kid up in the attic intentionally. The guy is now furious that Lee "killed" his son and that is why he kidnaps Clementine. Episode 5 will consist of the crew (whoever is left in your particular game) trying to get Clem back.

    I'm also relatively certain that everyone EXCEPT Clementine will die. Knowing the general doom and gloom of The Walking Dead world, there should be a story arc where Clem can die too though I don't know if TTG will have the brass to do it. They did kill Duck though so who knows.

    Lee is obviously going to die at this point. That is one thing I wasn't a big fan of. I think TTG jumped the shark on that one. It sucked a lot of the intrigue out of Episode 5 by having Lee get bit and ensuring he dies before it's all over.

    As far as Season 2, I would guess it will be a whole new story with cameos by a lot of the characters in this series.
  • mines isn't really a prediction, more of a fantasy.

    since clem is the entire reason i've been bit in the first place. i'd like to be locked in a windowless room with her w/o a weapon. then we'll be together, forever. :)
  • ZOOTEX;697086 said:
    also who was the person watching from episode 1 in the forest after the crash
    The person watch after the car crash in the forest was Clementine.
  • I sure hope lee and clementine both survive, BUT IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO CLEMENTINE THEN IM NOT PLAYING THE GAME AGAIN!
  • I think the people in the house (including the child now) are dead and have nothing to do with the rest of the season. The person who took Clem was obviously the one on the walkie talkie the whole time because of the conversation at the end. It does suck that lee gets bit but i think the final episode will play out like this. You (and whoever you have with you) will spend the rest of the game searching for Clem while having the characters with you dying off one by one in the process. Because let's face it, the characters we choose to live just end up getting killed off anyway cuz its easier for TT (my dearest Carley). Lee will start to feel worse as time goes by but at the end finds Clem but she's in danger and you spend your final moments battling zombies and giving her time to escape. I think it would be cool if Lee turns at the end with a cut scene and you get to play Clem only for a few seconds so you can make her shoot lee in the head.

    On my evil Lee im all by myself so it should be interesting to see how that plays out. :D
    Oh and i dont think you'll be able to play as Clem for season 2 because a huge part of the story was how do you survive in this world while protecting this child that needs you and learns from you
  • ZOOTEX;697086 said:
    also who was the person watching from episode 1 in the forest after the crash

    Kind of obvious. CLEMENTINE. Has the same hair shape, body, and hat.
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