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[Spoilers] What's your percentage? [Spoilers]

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I'm curious who everyone ended up with, and why?
Most particularly, I'm curious about the 16%, 10%, and 6% options.
What ending percentage did you get, and how do you like it?

I ended the game with the 13% option, and don't regret my decisions. I feel like dropping Ben saved a lot of lives in the future, considering how many people died because of his mess ups.
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  • My group consisted of everyone, which I was quite happy about. I think that was the choice with 16%. Definitely the largest, but not by much. I almost made Ben stay behind, but when it comes to Clementine I can't take any chances. The more people, the better chance I have! Once episode 5 comes out, though, I'm going to try to play it through with every posse option, see how much is different. I feel like that above all is definitely the spot where "your choices matter" is actually true.
  • I got the whole group so 16%. I was happy with it, although Im still ticked off at Kenny for pulling his 'You havent had my back." routine. If Lee hadnt been dying, I would have left him. I saved Ben and Im glad I did. I feel like he is going to get the chance to grow up and redeem himself.
  • everything was split 50/50 when i played
  • I had got the 16% option, or taking everyone with me.
  • everyone but ben (dead)
  • Everyone but Kenny (bitch)
  • DreadMagus;697605 said:
    Everyone but Kenny (bitch)
    Ooo how did that happen? Is there an option for him to die? Or did you just not ask him?
  • In some cases Kenny won't join if you don't beg him.
  • I have two saves, in one Kenny doesn't like me much and in the other we're mostly buddies, yet in neither scenario does Kenny come with the group - he's off prepping the boat. In my buddy save he grudgingly agreed right up until Ben was invited.
  • On all of my saves Kenny insists on coming with me and that I always had his back when it mattered, even on the playthrough were I disagreed with him nearly always.
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