why wont it work??????

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i have downloaded the walking dead onto my macbook pro, saved it to my applications, now when i try to open it, the screen goes black as if something is about to happen, but thats it.....nothing happens. please tell me what is wrong as im so far a little annoyed that i just payed for this and it wont work form the outset


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    I'm having the same problem on my PC.
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    Are you seeing a black screen on launch or when you select 'Continue' from the Title Screen?
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    I just downloaded app for I pad 2 and the same thing is happening. Black screen nothing else. It says walking dead in white then screen goes black. There is no title screen.
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    I guess I am in the launching black screen club too. Just got done DLn and was so ready to game. Then terror struck and I realized the black screen is not going to let me yet... I am on an AMD system with an 8 core. I am really disappointed since just earlier I got saints Row 3 for a gift from my brother and it crashes on launch everytime. IDK maybe I need to go buy a cheap toy pc so I can play multi platform games ;D I will keep messing with it and if I figure it out I'' post back. Hope someone else does it first! haha GL nHF all
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    Ok, what you need to do is right click on your 'THE WALKING DEAD' icon. Then run in XP mode. I used SP2. You can also use 'trouble shoot compatability'.
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    MattP wrote: »
    Are you seeing a black screen on launch or when you select 'Continue' from the Title Screen?
    Hey I just bought the game for my ipad 4 and beat episode one then I'm trying to download episode 2 and the screen goes black, I click on my walking dead app and my screen will say walking dead in white them my screen goes black and it kicks me back to my main desktop, help me please!!!!!!!!
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