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"In the end, the dead always win."

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Anyone else think this line was foreshadowing episode 5?

I always figured a few people would prosper, but after I heard Molly say this, my guess is that everyone meets their demise in episode 5.
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  • All I can say is that this game has a lot of foreshadowing.

    Shawn refers to a kid in Atlanta getting shot in the head. Duck gets shot in the head.

    Mark said that he wouldn't want to be food or get stuck in a locked room with Larry. Mark's legs get taken off by cannibals and Lee ends up in the meat locker with Larry.

    Chuck says that if something were to happen to Lee, he would have to prepare Clem for the worst. He gets bitten.

    I don't know about Molly's quote, though. Let's hope the survivors deal with the train horde in episode 5.
  • Everyone always dies. :(
  • It's a ZA - I thought this was a given.
  • Curious if TTG's going to kill Clementine in Episode 5.
  • shedim;697542 said:
    Curious if TTG's going to kill Clementine in Episode 5.
    They will. canonically? doubtful.
  • For once I'd like to see a Walking Dead spinoff or something that actually has a happy ending, but alas it's the apocalypse, so yeah everyone has to die or at least the main character does.
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