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What did you say to vernon in the end

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I told him id think about it just because saying walk away vernon seemed harsh to me after all the help

plus i wanted clems input but i never got the chance to ask :/
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  • Snake Liquid;696607 said:
    I told him to just walk away in my canon playthrough since he was extremely harsh to me. I was considerate to him the entire time, but I guess since I lied and said Clem was my daughter (which I think of her as one so why not?) he took that to mean me being a terrible leader who would get everyone killed. Then he offers to take Clem "off my hands." Yeah, I told him to get bent, and didn't regret it.

    Besides, how is Clem going to survive longer around a bunch of elderly, ill, weak people sitting down in a sewer? There is no way she would be safer with them.
    I was just thinking she might last longer, but had no long-term future.

    I also had no compunction about telling him Clem was my daughter.
    Besides, if the old guy can't be bothered to find out that 'technicall she isn't, but it's the best description I have for her', screw 'im.
  • Rock114;697393 said:
    I felt like crap for dropping Ben at the time, and Kenny started pissing me off with his whole "killing Ben was right" thing, so I told Vernon to walk away. The last thing I needed was him kicking me when I'm already down by saying "you can't even take care of Clem. I'm some random stranger you met in the sewers, and even I could do better than you" line. I told him to walk away, because he had no idea what she and I had been through to get to Savannah.
    Does 'walk away' mean anything other than, 'bugger off'? The way it went in the game it seemed like I'd threatened him with a weapon instead of just firmly telling him to mind his own business.
  • "walk away or i'll pin you to this wall"
  • HailTWD;697557 said:
    "walk away or i'll pin you to this wall"
    Sounds temperate to me. After all, the guy just offered the worst insult you can hand out: 'you're an unfit parent'. He's lucky Lee offered him the option of walking away.
  • I was rather disgusted that this man who had just finished saying how he didn't feel "enough" anymore, then offered to "take her off my hands" like recycled newspaper. I had no problem telling him off.

    In my second save, I tried to be diplomatic but it left a bad taste.
  • I told vernon that I would think about it because he just wanted to help and in my imagination my lee really had to think about it because it is a dangerous world and they had a safe place but as you said, they are old and at least partly weak but le was able to take care of clementine pretty good.
  • I told him that I will think about it, but their group doesn't seem very safe. They've got one pistol and they can't use it. One random bandit accidentally stumbles upon their hideout (like Lee did) and they are all dead. Lee's group at least can defend itself.
  • I chose the ... Option, because Silence always a valid answer to the ones that don't appeal to you, or you just can't find the words that fit you.
  • I told him I'd think about it. To be honest Clem just barging through the doggie door and then following Lee into the streets was kinda getting to me. Lee might aswell have been talking about flying echidna's back at that railway station for all the good it did her.

    Oddly though, it never got brought up again. Lee decided he'd just make Clem cry then fall asleep until everyone was about ready to go jump in the ocean. It seems no matter what you choose that Lee had no intention whatsoever of taking Vernon up on his offer, it also seems Vernon had no intention of actually going through with his offer since he up and went walkabout by the time Lee woke up.
  • I chose

    "Yeah, you have a point."
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