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Voice over the radio. Who?

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Wanted to see who here thinks the person over the radio is Vernon, or perhaps someone else?
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  • Voted for "not met" - the list of people we've met (that aren't tied to other places by canon) is pretty small at this point.
  • I'm taking on the fact that it's Oberson. He probably escaped Crawford during Anna's shooting.
  • Zeruis;697512 said:
    I'm taking on the fact that it's Oberson. He probably escaped Crawford during Anna's shooting.
    I'm going with this, and I'm guessing he knows Lee in some way.
  • It's most certainly someone we have not met before.

    I'd say it's definitely the creep who was watching us bury the boy.
  • I thought Oberson was the walker swinging in the bell tower personally.

    I reckon the kidnapper is the guy who was watching us at the burial. Whether or not he was in fact Oberson I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    But I think it's definitely someone we haven't met yet. Aside from screaming at them through a metal fence.
  • I'm guessing its someone from either Lee's past or from the groups past, but not necessarily someone they met or if they did, not someone they would recognise. Someone who is holding a grudge....I'll say either somebody mad at Lee for the murder he committed, or one of the bandits from the group that attacked the motor inn.
  • im thinking its oberson. same with that creepy ass scene where he.s watching you bury the kid with his dog
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    It's not Oberson for sure, cause he's a walker now ;] remember the phone message from Clem's house? her dad was attacked by some crazy guy. what if that 'crazy guy' wasn't a zombie...? but also, it's more possible that the guy from walkie talkie is someone from Lee past, cause he's playing with Lee, right? if he want to revenge on Clem's father he would just kidnap her and don't give a shit about Lee. but he want Lee to find him. and soon, we will see why. wow, seriously, this game is so incredible amazing, I can't wait for last episode. of course I don't want to see Lee's dead, but I wanna know how it all ends. and I hope second season will be at least as good as first one ;]

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