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[Spoilers] What's your percentage? [Spoilers]

posted by Desmodus87 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
I'm curious who everyone ended up with, and why?
Most particularly, I'm curious about the 16%, 10%, and 6% options.
What ending percentage did you get, and how do you like it?

I ended the game with the 13% option, and don't regret my decisions. I feel like dropping Ben saved a lot of lives in the future, considering how many people died because of his mess ups.
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  • Desmodus87;697665 said:
    Ooo how did that happen? Is there an option for him to die? Or did you just not ask him?
    He was going to come, until I let Ben come along.

    Then he gave me "another" ultimatum.

    I don't do ultimatums... so Ben got to come and Kenny got left with the boat.
  • The rest joined. But I dropped Negative Ben. Happily.
  • DreadMagus;697713 said:
    Then he gave me "another" ultimatum.

    I don't do ultimatums... so Ben got to come and Kenny got left with the boat.
    I don't do ultimatums either -- so I told him to stop being a pussy and he decided to come along after all. ;)
  • Everyone except Kenny

    I kind have begged but he still refused to help me...

    Just because I wouldn't kill Larry or Ben
  • I'm in the 6% group, going it alone.

    My first instinct was to hide the bite, and then I didn't know what to say, so no one came with me.
  • I've got everyone along with me
  • Omid, Christa and Kenny.
    let Ben decide, but I think I threatened him too much.
  • I had Omid, Christa and Ben with me. Kenny went alone to his boat. Honestly, fuck Kenny, I always had his back on Episode 1, but because in Episode 2 I chose to help Larry he´s hated me ever since. If not murdering one person is what made you hate so much, then I don´t even want your company when searching for a child.
  • 6% for me as well.

    I hid the bite from the group, then figured that it would be best if I went alone so as to not endanger anyone else. Now to find and rescue Clem and make sure she is safe before it's too late.
  • I thought about choosing to go it alone, but decided someone had to be there to carry on looking if Lee doesn't make it (and hopefully spare a bullet for Lee when it's needed).
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