PC Save's Disappeared

I bought The Walking Dead last Summer, when just one or two episodes were out. When episode 3 was released I updated just fine.

However episode 4 came out and it all went to pot. After updating and going to play, Steam required me to update my files to a new format, or something along those lines. It converted the files and said I was good to go.

My first one or two attempts to run TWD were met with, well, nothing. Although my computer appeared to be doing something, with the little loading swirl appearing next to my cursor, nothing happened.
I decided to try my luck with it again today, and hurray, it loaded. My previous graphical preferences weren't saved, not a big deal.

I went to hit play and select episode 4 and the message "Would you like to randomly generate decisions from previous chapters" came up. Huh... it appears I've lost all my save data.

This wouldn't be too much of a problem usually, but my main purpose for getting this game was for the story, not so much for the gameplay. I don't wish to trudge through 6 hours of gameplay, revisiting a plot line I'm already familiar with.

It's saddening because this was turning out to be one of my games of the year, yet now I have no motivation to carry on. It seems useless generating decisions as it just won't have the same feel for me.

If anyone knows where in the matrix my saves are, that'd great help. Otherwise, I offer only this sad face: :(


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    Hi, I had a similar problem. I was lucky and recovered my save point. The saves are located at Documents/My Documents/Telltale Games/The Walking Dead/save_1.save ,
    save_2.save , etc,etc.. All I did was delete the last saved game or 2 until it went past the new refreshed game start. Try it, and good luck to you.
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    I've located my saves, and there's about 40 of them in that folder.

    The most recent ones there are from August, presumably when I finished Episode 3. For some reason though, the game isn't identifying these saves and simply gives the option of New Game when I go to play.
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    If you have a recent Windows version and haven't disabled system protection, you might be able to restore your savegames by right clicking the "The Walking dead" folder, selecting "properties", and "restore previous version". If that's not working, you can try it on the prefs.prop only.
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    Restoring a previous version worked. Thanks for the help guys :)
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