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How will lee die.

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Clearly he is going to die im wondering how people want it. Will he die with clem at his side in some sad way or alone or by his own hands or what.
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  • Clem is going to shoot him in the head.
  • Well My lee got a scratch and thats it but its wishfull thinking if i think i'll live so.

    Once you find clem and kill the kidnapper you head toward the boat. However there's a horde of zombies so you decide to stay back and protect the group as they leave. Then its a gun sequence but you have a limited amount of ammo then once you've shot like ten bullets you have one left then the final choice of the game kill yourself or keep fighting.

    I know its a ripoff of a movie but still a boss way to go out
  • I have a super awesome theory just hear me out!

    Out of all the games there is one player who has a Lee that wasn't bitten!
    It's kinda like Highlander and there can only be one Lee, sadly though that Lees game will have a much worse ending, everyone dies but himself.

    So whoever got the Lee that wasn't bitten, Enjoy being forever alone!

    There can only be one!
  • I have a feeling it will end a bit like Dawn of the Dead, the group sailing away as Lee sees them off...

    Then again, they probably wouldn't do that, if any other case, I think he'll succumb to the infection, die then re-animate, leaving Clementine to shoot him.
  • -Lee turns-
    Clementine: Little to the left.
  • I hope that if you lie about the bite, Lee get's on the boat with everyone, and then eats them.

    But, Clem will probably just shoot him.
  • He'll die in a badass fashion - because he's a badass.
  • Lee is actually the only one in the world immune to becoming a zombie, this is discovered by the bite never amounting to anything. Group realizes this and with Lee as the cure they seek out scientists - start season 2
  • >Kills walkie-talkie guy
    >Group starts to run out of building
    >Walkers surround them
    >Walkers close in
    >Lee gets on the floor
    >Everyone walks the dinosaur
  • 8Bit_System;695451 said:
    He will die like a boss. :D
    Death by "snu snu"?
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