Saves Getting Corrupted.

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I tried emailing you guys a couple of days ago (issue-64097) about how the save would become corrupted in both episode 3 in one particular spot and episode 4 at the news stand.

I haven't heard back, and wanted to follow up that I used a friend's PS3 to try it again, downloading the game and porting over the save, and episode 4 once again froze as soon as Lee gets free reign at the boatyard and can approach the news stand.

It's especially disheartening to think that I can't even use a different PS3 to experience this story.


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    For clarification, because I have now read your sticky thread about this problem, I do have 3 save files. One where I side with one section of the group, one where I side with the other, and then an all silent run.

    I can confirm that this problem only started occurring once I had a 3rd save file. I would frankly prefer to not have to delete it as I had already gone through the trouble of getting through two episodes, but if that is the only option, will deleting the third file fix the problem?
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    Be warned! It happened to me with only 2 save files and I have a PS3 too.
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    A new patch has been released that will resolve this issue. Please restart your game and you will be prompted to install the v1.03 patch.

    Please note, if you received the corrupted save message and exited to the XMB (Sony dashboard), then you will need to rewind 1 checkpoint before continuing your game. If you have never received this message, or pulled down an unaffected save from cloud storage, you can continue your game as normal.
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    I did everything, EVERYTHING as you instructed and whenever I still go into the game all of my saves are still completely and utterly GONE. This is so ridiculous! I paid for a gaming experience and up until this HUGE glitch you guys released, I loved your series. Now I'm not sure I'll ever return to buy your product!
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    the new patch solved my problem completely. Finished episode 4 just a bit ago. Not as knock out potent as episode 3, but a solid entry, and I'm super excited to see where the finale takes me.

    Thanks, Telltale for fixing that bug.
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