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TWD - Mac "The Walking Dead is damaged"

posted by GemKnight on - last edited - Viewed by 508 users
After playing Episodes one and two a few months back (and having loads of problems with the game working) I decided to wait a mont or so to let mac issues get handled with before playing episode 3. Well, when I attempted the game wouldn't load past the title screen. So to attempt to fix this problem I uninstalled the game and redownloaded it, instead of the game working, I can't even get to the title screen any more as soon as I try and start the executable this error message appears:

""TheWalkingDead" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash."

Just to make sure this wasn't just a fluke, I uninstalled the game again, and did the process over to the same results. (oh and between uninstalling and reinstalling I would reboot the computer.) So now I'm really stuck, any help from support staff, or others who understand how to fix this problem would be very appreciated.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    To fix this issue you will need to disable Gatekeeper. To do this, click the Apple logo on the top toolbar and select System Preferences. Now select Security. If the padlock in the bottom left corner of this screen is not open, click on it. You will now see 3 options for downloaded applications, they are: Mac Store, Mac Store and identified developers, and Anywhere. Please select Anywhere and then confirm your selection. Once this is done, please attempt to download the installer from our website. You should no longer see the damaged file messaging.
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