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Walking Dead Crashed, Can't acess saves

posted by BearPawB on - last edited - Viewed by 403 users
Died going through the armory in episode 4.
The game never loaded up, I ctrl alt del out. Started game again, it started in windowed mode with all my saves deleted.

Well my saves still exist. but for whatever reason its not seeing them.

Can anyone help? i really want to keep playing, and this just knocked the wind out of me.

*edit: id like to add i have tried the vast majority of solutions offered for similar problems. Nothing has worked. I delete the whole game, replace the saves with my old saves and it just doesnt even see them
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    DjNDB Moderator
    If you have a recent Windows version and haven't disabled system protection, you might be able to restore your savegames by right clicking the "The Walking dead" folder, selecting "properties", and "restore previous version". If that's not working, you can try it on the prefs.prop only.

    Depending on the date of the last version you might lose some progress though.
  • Sadly I do not have those options enabled on this pc
  • Did the same thing. Here's what you do. Start a new game in the same episode as your save (episode 3). When the game saves exit the game. Back up your save. The game will then create a new save file. Delete that file and replace it with your old save. Be sure to set your old save to the same file name as the newly created save, and your game will be restored.
  • I had the same thing, well almost, i alt tabbed and closed the program. Could not rewind to episode 3 or 4, it just showed pictures of lily with a question mark. Looked at my save folder i just deleted the last one, and the 2nd to last was my last proper save so it loaded that fine. The newest one must of been glitched.
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