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Potential ep. 5 final choice

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I'm starting to have a feeling that one of the big, big choices for episode five will be deciding who gets to take care of Clementine after Lee's gone.

Any thoughts on who the lucky surrogate parent gets to be? I would have gone with Chuck, but the dude's dead. Maybe Christa or Molly?
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  • Chuck?? Hahaha, no. Christa and Omid seem genuine but it's killing me that Lee won't be able to take care of Clem much longer.

    Maybe Clem's mom is still alive after all.
  • One of the chapters is called "The Marsh House". That's probably when Clem meets her mom/dad or whatever.
  • I think Christa and Omid might be lined up to take care of Clem after Lee dies.

    I doubt Clems parents are still alive, if we do see them they will almost certainly be walkers.
  • I will give her to Christa and Omid, if we shouldn't meet Clems mom somehow. They are decent folks. They will take good care of her.
  • I'm noticing no love for Kenny here.
  • lucidity02;699263 said:
    I'm noticing no love for Kenny here.
    Kenny is not in the best mental condition to take care of a child, if you aske me.
  • That makes sense, since they seem to be building up Kenny, and Christa + Omid to each be good parenting material.

    Another major final choice that I'd like to see is choosing how you'd like to die. You could choose any of the surviving characters in the end to kill you, or you could commit suicide, or you could ask to be left behind to become a walker. I think there could be some neat possibilities there, for instance if you never revealed that you'd been bit, and then you killed yourself, the other NPCs would piece it together and notice your heroic sacrifice. Or you could choose to be killed by Clementine as a final lesson in the harsh realities of this world, hopefully making her more likely to survive.

    And, of course, you absolutely need to be able to choose what Lee's final, memorable words will be before he dies. Maybe your last piece of advice to Clementine.
  • I trust Christa and Omid with raising my fictional apocalypse daughter 100%. Christa's obviously built a relationship with her and Omid has never once proven to be less than a positive, genuine guy. But more importantly, if I have to leave two friends behind with a pregnancy to deal with, I'm gonna at least give them the gift of my personal, highly trained, marksman child. Kenny doesn't need her and Ben either doesn't exist in your universe or has some serious redemption to get around to.
  • Yeah, it is mentioned that Clem's parents might appear in episode 5....

    Though, Lee definitely did a great job protecting Clem for quite a while ! (:
  • If any parent would be alive I think it will be her mom.After answering machine I think maybe that crazy guy Clem's dad fought was a walker.And he bit and turned etc.

    Kenny would be a good caretaker after Lee is gone.Because he has experience and maybe looking after Clem would change him,make him a better person like Lee.And maybe he could get over what he's been through.

    Omid and Christa are nice people too.But i prefer her mom or Kenny much more.
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