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who killed Ben?

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i did not kill him :D
i know all of u hate him because what he did to Carly but every body makes mistakes and he's just a kid who was tricked
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  • I didn't kill him. I was mad at him because he left Clementine in the road, but he's a kid, what much can he do? He was willing to sacrifice himself for the others, and that was enough to convince me he had good intentions, and everything he did, was mostly for the good of the group.

    With Carly, sure he screwed up, but he thought they had his friend. I would've probably done the same. Next time they give me an option to kill him, I won't.
  • Nickname_21;698560 said:
    I'm glade Carly got shot, she forced you to tell everyone about your passed..even after u saved her in episode one..After all that was going on that was her big concern..As for Ben he was a total fug up. Giving our supplies to the bandits where one thing...but when he removed the axe from the door..I mean come on how much of a meatball is he..Ur telling me he couldn't see all the zombies outside the glass door and what the axe was doing there...
    i was asking my self the same thing that how he didn't see the walkers
    but maybe they left when he toke the axe but weren't there a big amount of blood on the door
  • I wouldn't kill Ben or anybody even if that is what Kenny wanted twice
  • One word SPOILERS. Remember it the next time you post a thread in the NON-SPOILER section.
  • walkers;698482 said:
    u can save him
    and if u save him just like i did he will come with u to find clem
    I found out he could be saved AFTER my first playthrough. At the time I didn't think it was possible.
  • didnt give a dam about carley since i chose doug. Saved ben even though he wanted me to drop him.
  • TheWaltzingBread;698487 said:

    Lilly shot Carley, not Ben
    I agree with this 100%. You can accuse Ben of being a danger to the group all you want, but the only one who is responsible for Carley/Doug's death is Lilly.

    Having said that, I did take the 'Crawford path'. He never should have told Kenny, and I honestly think it was sort of selfish that he did. That coupled with his increasing agitation and was too much for me.
  • fred10359;698464 said:
    I guess they wanted to let Ben go when he put Clementine in danger.
    I don't know why people put so much responsability in the kid. He is not responsable for Clementine, period.
  • MaverickHunter;699530 said:
    I don't know why people put so much responsability in the kid. He is not responsable for Clementine, period.
    If Ben shouldn't be held responsible for abandoning Clementine when they were surrounded by walkers at the beginning of the episode, then Lee shouldn't be held responsible for failing to save him in the bell tower. It is not like he is "killing" Ben by pushing him down the stairs or something, Lee is just choosing not to risk his own life for someone, who up to this point, has screwed up constantly and not done anything of value for the group. Let's also not forget that Ben would almost certainly not have been allowed on the boat the next day, had Clem not been kidnapped, which pretty much would have been a guaranteed death sentence for him anyways. It's easy to assume from a story standpoint that Ben is going to do something heroic to redeem himself in episode 5, but trying to put myself in Lee's shoes, I could only think of how saving Ben might just be the worst possible outcome for the group. Better to allow him to have a heroic death distracting the walkers so the rest of the gang could get away from Crawford safely.
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