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PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs Nintendo Wii

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So which console do you think is better? Now some rules before we go on. 1.Have good reasons for liking one console over another instead of just being a fanboy and saying Xbox is better than the Wii just because it is!!!!. 2.Respect other peoples opinions. Also i don't think any of these consoles are bad.

Anyway i think PS3 is best. I got a PS3 & a Wii and i have played Xbox before. The reasons i think PS3 is better than Xbox and Wii is that it has better exclusives like Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Infamous,Sly Cooper,Resistance and Little Big Planet. Now fair enough the Wii has Mario,Zelda,Metroid and more but i like the Playstation exclusives more.

It does not make you pay money to get online like Xbox does and it has better online features that the Wii.

PS3 has a Blu Ray player.
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  • Well, for the PS3 you can just install a new hard drive. It's surprisingly easy. Here's a video guide. Ignore the music. Just make sure you get one the right size & speed. Like this one, which I'll be getting at some point once I've overcome my wallet-crippling addiction to Kickstarter. Damn you and your backable projects...

    As for the 360... well, you're pretty much screwed there. Not sure you can go beyond 320GB, and even that's using an official replacement hard drive (which are pricey as fuck - thanks, Micro$$$oft).

    I forgot about the ability to install games to the hard drive on the 360. That's a nice feature.
  • Shouldn't it not be 360 vs PS3 vs WiiU? I mean realistically could the WII even manage TWD? Its not a fair comparison its like comparing a Suzuki Vitara against a Porsche 911, they do different things for different kinds of people.

    At one point in time i preferred the 360, due to not being bothered about the online costs, and what i thought was the better exclusives. As i aged i drifted towards the PS3, accessibility, the free online, more games that appeal to me, and what i personally think is sharper graphics in HD, but in reality its likely about even.

    I have not really played games on either console for a while though, except at friends. I have always and likely will always be a PC gamer, until they become obsolete. Which i cant imagine, only improved.
  • Can't make a thread about the Wii U, it's not out yet, and if the specs floating around are true, it blows the 360 and PS3 out of the water anyways.

    And yes, the Wii could manage TWD. Might not look as good, but it could work. After all, it has Back to the Future.
  • It has Back to the Future alright... but it's just plain shit. Framerate problems up the wazoo. Ugh.
  • Shadowknight1;699370 said:
    Can't make a thread about the Wii U, it's not out yet, and if the specs floating around are true, it blows the 360 and PS3 out of the water anyways.
    It should both are 7-8 years old. Do you know what you could do on a PC that old these days? Office!

    All 3 current gen consoles werre outdated 3 years ago and should have been replaced by new models then.

    And still only Nintendo has the balls to do it. Both Micro$$$oft ans $$$ony want to wait for the other company to make a new console and then release a slightly more powerful one. Worked pretty well for Sony this eneration.

    Well there's one good thing about it: My 400€ PC I bought last year can still play anything that is released on max settings. And games are cheaper. And Steam.
  • Not had a PS3 long enough to have a proper comparison re: voting, so I abstain.


    + Great first-party titles;
    + Decent motion controls;
    + Backward compatibility with GameCube;
    + Wii Shop Channel easily navigable without clutter;
    + Wii Main Menu customizable re: onscreen item locations;
    + Good homebrew options;

    - Wii Remote recharge stations are third-party only;
    - Rechargeable batteries for same only have AAA battery life. (ie. I played Wii on Sunday and used both remotes during one Twilight Princess session.);
    - Games are notoriously kid-friendly, such that mainstream-market titles are the exception, not the rule;
    - WiiWare titles have 40MB limit, thus hindering their quality and causing lack of good selection;
    - No DVD playback for newer models. Older models only with Homebrew installed;
    - Gamecube titles don't play from external HDD storage (Gamecube mode disables USB ports);
    - Wii Shop Channel titles can't be purchased via PC;
    - Pointing Wii Remote at TV while watching Netflix makes HUD appear, with no timeout;

    + Best BluRay player on the market;
    + XMB (Xross Media Bar main menu) fairly well laid out;
    + HD quality picture;
    + No need to change TV aspect ratio when switching from 16:9 to 4:3 content;
    + First-party BD Remote control uses Bluetooth, so no line-of-sight required;
    + Game controllers rechargeable out-of-the-box, with very long battery life;
    + NFL Sunday Ticket;
    + PSN Store titles can be purchased via PC;
    + Amazon Instant Video;

    - PSN Store is cumbersome with ads;
    - Sony hates jailbreaking/homebrew;
    - XMB should allow custom menu layout so I can put what I most frequently use in the easiest to reach places (see previous);
    - PlayStation Plus' free games are only available as long as subscription lasts (deal breaker re: this);
    - Online updates take forever even if small size;
    - Disc-based games can't be played right out of the box (see previous);
    - Large game downloads take forever and a week (seriously, try downloading DC Universe Online from the PSN and then installing it for the first time);
    - NFL Sunday Ticket costs $300 per season (deal breaker re: this);

    + Telltale eats babies.
  • Is that the new Playstation store? Hmm.
  • Darth Marsden;699403 said:
    Is that the new Playstation store? Hmm.
    Well, there are little app-sized icons on the right of the store menus, with huge ad banners taking up the left. Also, you kind of have to know what you're already looking for because God help you if you don't.

    The PSN Store is easier to navigate on a PC, but item purchases are somehow easier to make on a PS3 (once you know what you're looking for.)
  • The only other minus I can think of for the PS3 remote is the flip side of its plus of being bluetooth: it's much easier to hit buttons by accident, even if the remote isn't pointing at the console. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally pressed stop on a Blu-Ray (most of which don't have resume like DVDs do).
  • Darth Marsden;699238 said:
    As for the 360... well, you're pretty much screwed there. Not sure you can go beyond 320GB, and even that's using an official replacement hard drive (which are pricey as fuck - thanks, Micro$$$oft)..
    Well they do make you pay around £30-£40 pound a year just to get online with an Xbox.
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