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Who else saved Ben's B!tch-A$$?

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I couldn't help but feel like it would be awesome to just let Ben fall stories to his death to then get eaten by walkers...but i couldnt do it, for some reason i had a soft spot for that dumba$$, and whenever he would do something terribly wrong that killed people or put everyone or Clementine in danger, i couldn't help but be nice and encouraging to him. Even when he put EVERYONE in danger. Like, "Ben you are useful!", or, "Ben you are aa good person.", Even though he was the worst person you could have possibly teamed up with in the Zombie Apocalypse! If only there was a slap option... ;)
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  • i saved him and man this is hard to explain
  • felt bad for the poor kid, and i won't willingly let someone die if he's simply a clumsie simpleton.
  • Let him drop because I thought saving him would put everyone else in danger at that moment. In the end he redeemed himself by putting the group ahead of himself, and I truly respected him as I dropped him.
  • Ben better save the whole group or so something that really redeems himself! He better be useful later on!
  • I saved Ben because I felt like he had earned it. If he were to die, he would have died a hero. Let's hope that this happens again.
  • I hope he comes in handy
  • I saved him because he's a human being who makes mistakes like every person. I'm against killing people like that, no matter how much he is seen as a detriment to the group by everyone else.
  • I didn't want him dead, his death wouldn't undo anything...and a lot that went down wasn't entirely his fault.

    In episode 3, Lilly should have realized that whomever was paying off the bandits was trying to protect the group; albeit in a misguided manner. (Originally I suspected Doug/Carley because they're always putting others first.) Lee similarly shouldn't of interrupted the drop without considering the bandits might attack at any moment.

    Ben screwed up so much in episode 4 partially because he lived down to his doubts in himself. Lee should have had a man-to-man with him, tell him to grow up, and to realize that to be a man; you have to be ready to fight or even lay down your life to protect someone weaker, the way Chuck did. I did want to punch Ben for ditching Clem though...
  • You can read my response in this thread, which is on the exact same topic.
  • Ben is a awesome character, and my Lee saw no reason to 'let' him fall, it would just add to the deathlist.
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