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Episode 4 Warning (NO SPOILERS!)

posted by JesseC25 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
I finished Episode 4, and I PROMISE not to post any spoilers in this thread. It is EASILY the best episode so far, and the longest with the most difficult decisions, and EVERY single decision you made in EVERY episode will matter.

Now that I finished it I regret a lot of the decisions I made in episode 2 and episode 3 because they have a huge effect on episode 4.

I know a lot of people are complaining about how they won't have the episode for a while. Take the time to rewind and fix any decisions you aren't happy with.

Also, to all those idiots saying "your decisions don't matter" and "ending will be the same no matter what" have NO idea what they're talking about. Every decision you make matters and now I see that. Every decision you make in this episode will have SERIOUS consequences leading into the next episode and they were SO right when they said all your past decisions come into play.

Take your time when your playing, and think things through!! And enjoy!

Game of the year, HANDS DOWN!
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  • JesseC25;690667 said:
    ... I'm just giving everyone fair warning, before starting episode 2, make sure you are really happy with all your previous decisions because they do matter. If I would have known that they mattered THIS MUCH I would have replayed episodes 1-3 before today.
    Thanks for the warning, but for me there is no choice of feeling comfortable with my choices, I will just have to live with them, wether they were wrong or right. I can't rewind in real life, I won't with the Walking Dead.
  • BlankCanvasDJ;690799 said: feel justified in every choice you made but if any of them prove to have consequences, you'll consider it a game design fault and not a fault of your choices?
    I gave you my example of a bad implementation. Did you find it lacking? You didn't really comment on it. It's not like I don't think they can't do it well (I liked the fallout from killing Larry, as an example) but I got some people calling me down because I used rewinds before, I'm guessing that a lot of people have avoided that so far, maybe the original poster was one of them. To me it sounds like he was.

    If he was, then actually deciding to replay is a big. big move on his part. Besides, haven't we been told that there are "no wrong answers" by TellTale during their interviews. In any case, I'll be finding out soon how it unfolds.
  • Yay!
    cant wait for tomorrow xD
  • okay, without giving spoilers. I see what Jesse was talking about. I didn't have any problems with how my choices influenced it.
  • distortion;690618 said:
    How exactly have you already gotten your hands on episode 4?
    Actually, the Episode came out around midnight Oct 10.
  • Did the OP play a different game?

    Since Ep. 4 was a blank slate. NOTHING from the previous episodes mattered.

    So, what? :confused:
  • There are no wrong answers. Especially with the way Episode 4 turned out. TellTale makes a statistic of the moral decisions in this game. It's not a right or wrong, it's a more of a guiding survey of what you would do and the consequences for all of it. I played through all the episodes up to 4 and now I'm going back on another file and replaying it all to get two different endings to see how each turns out. One honest. The other what I think will yield the best ending. They are pretty close so far though. :)
  • really? tell me what matters? sorry, but I still don't see anything matters. Can you prevent yourself from the bite? can you prevent Clem leaving you? can you prevent anyone who is dead from death? I turn against Kenny for almost every decisions he make, yet he still follows me to rescue Clem.
    Sure, you seem to have several different group members in the end of Ep4, but those choices that differs the group can all be reversed in this single episode.
  • One more thing, if in the end of Ep4, Telltale shows me there could be a group that includes Carley or Lily or Larry or Duck, then I will probably regret for saying nothing matters.
  • Yeah, since episode 4's 8 possible outcomes, I've wanted to restart.
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