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Telltale Customer Support Unresponsive

posted by jimmythefist on - last edited - Viewed by 800 users
Two Emails and two forum posts and no response from Telltale. Sure wish I hadn't given you my money Telltale.
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  • I had to wait over a week to get any real help on these forums, and still haven't gotten a response back from my email to support. Keep pestering and they'll get to you eventually.
  • Contacted them the other day, still no word either. Paid for the multipack over a month ago and can't download episode 2 for iPhone. Bunch of crooks.
  • yea telltale makes good games but with all the money they get from the walking dead game the should should fire their support team and get some new guys in there. Just look at all the problems everybody is having and no response from the support team.
  • The Telltale Support mail is totally unresponsive.
    I've asked for a refund really nicely, as sophisticated as I could, but no reply at all. I tried explaining to them that I really don't want a refund and rather just get a good fix and finish the game, but Telltale Games isn't able to give me this as well. Well, the only thing that remains is a refund... I think.
    But it's not gonna happen. I'm getting to a point that I'm just gonna have to accept the fact that I threw away 30 dollars for 2/5th of game I can't finish.
  • They're probably so clogged with emails that they can't answer too quickly. Telltale's a small company, and I'm betting the response they've gotten from TWD has been a LOT bigger than they expected and has overloaded them.

    However, their response to these issues (well, lack of a response) has been pretty poor. One of the main reasons they'd GET so many emails is because they haven't dealt with the issue or, at the very least, made a public announcement regarding it.

    So basically, I understand the technical reason WHY they're not responding to emails very well but the reason is a fairly poor one that could easily be remedied by actually publicly communicating with their angry fans and treating them like human beings instead of plunderable wallets. :P If they can't fix the issue quickly, fine, but they should at least tell us they're trying.
  • I got the standard copy and paste identikit response (after 3 days) to my issue when i emailed them, despite the fact in the email i had already said that everything they suggest did not work.

    I finally fixed my problem with help from forum users.

    Awful awful customer service. Once they have your money they do not give a toss...
  • Well many people have the same problem, so they could make a news on the website. Saying that just a small group of people have the download problem is a F****** joke.
  • Yep i agree. Emailed support a week ago, tweeted at them about 7 times, posted on forum twice. NO ANSWER. it's like yelling into a well. Never buying a telltale product again.
  • I finally got an email back from Telltale. It said to delete the game from my phone, then purchase the multipack again-you won't be charged a second time. Of course it does nothing, just a waste of time. I do now have the option to GET episode 2 and 3, but it either downloads to 99.99% and freezes, or just doesn't download and says I have no internet connection. Tried it using 3G and it goes up to 99.99% and says no internet connection as well. Can't wait to see my next cell bill.
  • Well it's finally worked for me, downloaded episode 2, pushed my luck and tried 3 as well. Both worked, but had to download through 3G connection. Still got the same bullsh*t response of "no internet connection" while trying through wifi.
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