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Kirkman on bites

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I Decided to look it up this what i found not sure if its true but it says they quoting Kirkman on the bites and turning into a zombie.

Robert Kirkman wrote:
The rule is: WHATEVER it is that causes the zombies, is something everyone already has. If you stub your toe, get an infection and die, you turn into a zombie, UNLESS your brain is damaged. If someone shoots you in the head and you die, you're dead. A zombie bite kills you because of infection, or blood loss, not because of the zombie "virus."[3]

So if Lee does not get a fever or have lots of blood loss he wont become a zombie.
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  • AceStarr;697102 said:
    Took this off a medical website about fighting infections without antibotics
    *tries using real world science in a fictional story*

    yep, that will work out really well!
  • It's probably something new, which is resistant to all current medication. Pretty sure that medications would be the first things tried when someone has got an infection, and the symptoms are getting worse by the minute.
  • rachellouise85;697946 said:
    It's probably something new, which is resistant to all current medication.
    Exactly or something that is present in the human mouth made worse by incubating in the zombie mouth.

    Altho everyone should just stop speculating or trying to find a logic fault where there is none. Quite simply...

    A zed bite causes a severe infection in all victims with a 100 percent fatality rate. And everyone is already infected and will rise. That's all the info that's ever really been give. And until Kirkman & Co. add anything any discussion is a metaphorical exercise in mental masturbation :D
  • Ghositex;697908 said:
    Walkers don't digest the food they eat, they just let the meat rot inside of them. Anyway, in the comics we have seen plenty of walkers that are highly decomposed, to the point they can barely move.
    We don't know that the zeds don't digest their food, either way it doesn't matter. Food goes in....nothing comes out, impossible.

    Zombies would all either have ruptured stomachs or would be defecating the excess. I know I said don't bring up other genres in TWD lore, one of two must happen.

    Some walkers are highly decomposed, but what is to say it wasn't a result of being eaten prior to their reawakening? We still have no clue if walkers decompose like normal dead things do.

    **I haven't read the comics so if they do in their I'm unaware of it**
  • Red Panda;697680 said:
    From the article:

    "Kurt Schwenk, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Connecticut, finds the discovery of these glands intriguing, but considers most of the evidence for venom in the study to be "meaningless, irrelevant, incorrect or falsely misleading". Even if the lizards have venomlike proteins in their mouths, Schwenk argues, they may be using them for a different function, and he doubts that venom is necessary to explain the effect of a Komodo dragon bite, arguing that shock and blood loss are the primary factors.[37][38]"

    I'm inclined to agree; even if venom was present, it doesn't seem to be a factor - people survive komodo bites just fine even though there's no antivenom for any theoretical venom they have, on the other hand, a poor shmuck that gets bitten still needs antibiotics.
  • TheGonza;697683 said:
    This Thread is hillarious......quoting doctors for zombie bite advice LMFAO
    It's just a minor detail most people would like to flesh out when thinking about scenarios within the TWD universe, like any other fiction.

    I'd think that a walker's bite is as lethal as any infection. It would be accelerated only because of the amount of bacteria present in a corpse, and how complicated the wound is.
  • A zombie's bite is like a bite from a dog with rabies. If it bites you, and gets in deep enough (Like lee), you will get rabies unless treated immediately. A zombie bite's cure is instant amputation. Lee got the infection from the bite and it already went trough his body. He is a (un)dead man.
  • The funny thing that really complicates kirman's official statements on zombie bites is simply other things he allows happen. Like zombie bodily fluids don't cause you to turn, as tyreese has been completely covered in zombie blood before, and the governor used to deep kiss his zombified niece, penny, after removing her teeth, and thus, would have swapped saliva. Robert kirkman always said it was saliva that causes zombie bits to be extremely infectious and have a 100% death rate unless the infected area is cut off directly after to stop the spread. Yet penny blake's saliva is a-ok in the governors mouth "as long as she doesn't have teeth"

    So yeah, it's kind of silly to think about it. Just need to suspend your disbelief and go with it. Heck, in star wars they can travel PAST light speed, and take almost no time to get places. People question that less than >zombie< bites lol.
  • Gman5852;697924 said:
    *tries using real world science in a fictional story*

    yep, that will work out really well!
    The text he copied in is just as fictional as the walking dead :P
  • Jonttu1;700215 said:
    The text he copied in is just as fictional as the walking dead :P
    The rules for ZA don't even really hold true from story to story. It just depends on the writer's universe and their rules.
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