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Think we'll see Clem after Season Finale? (Spoilers)

posted by Gantros on - last edited - Viewed by 553 users
Just finished the game and the writing is on the wall, Lee is dead man walking, soon to be shuffling. Will he be able to get Clem to safety before he succumbs? Will she be the one to pull the trigger at the end? And will there be any hope at all for any of our characters?

I personally was hoping that some of the characters might crossover with some of the other Walking Dead stuff, though I consider the game in the comic universe only, rather than the TV show. More likely, though, this will be the end of this groups story, and in all likelihood it won't end well. Although we did learn some things, like Christa is pregnant (it's kind of obvious), and that Vernon probably took his people to the train. Anyone else notice the Star Wars reference in the Motor Pool? OK, time to end this stream of consciousness. Later.
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