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There might be hope

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*Incoming wall of text*

I've been looking the Lee bite scene over a bit, and I think its a scratch, not a bite. First of all its was very quick, and when he 'bit' Lee his head went straight down. It's not possible to sink in deep enough and pull out downwards without taking a piece of flesh with you.

Second, If you look closely, it doesn't quite look like a bite. Take for example the bottom of the 'bite'. There is no site of the mandible (Lower teeth). When something bites, the marks are the maxilla and the mandible. The bottom doesn't show lower mark of teeth, only 2 corners that's not teeth shape.

Thirdly, the marks on the top is vertical, much scratch like.

Fourthly, The top are 4 marks, which are the primary, middle, ring and pinky finger. On the side there is another mark, which is of the thumb. Most of the 'bite' is in a mouth like shape except that part. A mouth can't reach that far and even if a zombies mouth can there is not teeth there (And I'm pretty sure zombies don't grow extra teeth). Also if you look closely the zombie lunges at Lee with his right hand first. In slow-motion, you can see the blood splat before the zombies mouth reaches Lee, and instead the hand. And the right hand's thumb is on the left, the same side of the mark on Lee's 'bite'.

Lastly, if you get bitten, I'm pretty sure you will fell the pain and immediantly look at the mark. Lee noticed he got 'bit' when his blood landed on Clem's hat.

My theory: The zombie scratched him and it was merely skin deep. Because in his shock and fear he didn't notice the mark until he saw the blood. It is known that a person in shock, fear or extreme stress are less likely to feel mild pain. A skin deep scratch isn't very painful so in Lee's situations (Him being in shock of the zombie attack and his worry of Clem) it was very unlikely that he felt such minor pain. If it was a bite, he would obviously feel it no matter how much shock. I've been bitten by a dog and my annoying little stepbrother. Both were skin deep and it hurt like hell. When I was helping in the garden I got scratched while working with thorn bushes. I first noticed the bleeding dripped over my shoes. So that's my theory. I'll be honest, I've been very pessimistic, and a bit annoyed at people when they are like 'Telltale can surprise us, Lee may live!' but now I think Lee might actually survive. Unless you can get infected by a zombie scratch. I know it is like that in other zombie games and films, but it was never stated in TWD universe that a scratch can turn you, a bite yes, but not a scratch. *End Wall of Text*

TL;DR: Lee was scratched, not bitten.

This is just a ray of hope, that I hope is true.
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  • Seeing how the walking dead has gone thus far I dont even rule out the possibility of lee eating clem lol
  • no dont watch it. close your eyes and listen (iv watched ep 4 6 times on stream) "whos blood is that?!" - krista ..."its mine" -lee if it was skin only there would be no blood. sadly lee will turn, and should have taken Vernon up on his offer.
  • Lee was bit at the end of the episode to give people time to prepare for his death. When the next episode comes around, people will be ready to experience the story instead of just reacting to his death.

    It's a good move. Killing Lee without sufficient groundwork would make people mad. This is better writing than than the murder/zombie/suicide in episode 3. Lee's death will be meaningful instead of manipulative or shocking. Going into the last episode, players know they need to get Clem back, look to Lee's companions to decide who should be Clem's next guardian, and prepare for Lee's sacrifice.

    Telltale is using the delay between episodes to make the story better by preparing players.
  • I just want Lee to survive...somehow. I want to see his development with Clem after she finds out her parents are dead. Plus, Dave is a great voice actor.
  • Scratches don't kill in the comics, AFAIK, you'd need saliva to transmit the bacteria, but yep, he's dead.

    @Viser, Whitta was quoting what Lee says to Clem in the classroom when she asks you if the world will ever get better and she wants to hope it will.
  • cornboblewisjonesthe3rd;700152 said:
    man some of yall are fucking assholes, acting like it's against the law to be optimistic or some shit
    Optimism is pointless when faced with The Walking Dead, being a pessimist is the only way to protect yourself in this franchise.
  • Sir Fruitcakes;700790 said:
    Optimism is pointless when faced with The Walking Dead, being a pessimist is the only way to protect yourself in this franchise.
    what about my little sweat pea clem
  • KingOfTheDead;700794 said:
    what about my little sweat pea clem
    Shes going to die.
  • I dont think tt would just write the game where Lee doesnt know if he got bit or scratched, so no there is zero chance your theory is right however.
  • KingOfTheDead;700794 said:
    what about my little sweat pea clem
    I'd give her half a year at best.:cool:
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