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The stalker is ... !!

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To me, it seems very obvious the "stalker" in Savanahh is the ex leader of Crawford. His name escapes me at the moment but his picture in the high school shows him in a suit, and the stalker has a suit, and is male, easy to spot. Also why show the leader if hes not coming into play, and to head up Crawford you must be a dark person, like someone who would stalk a group and take a little girl. For what purposes, I shudder to imagine. Well see , Episode 5 woot woot bring it!

PS - Im not so offended by the TV falling off the shelf upon impact as I was by Carly not knowing what a battery was O_o , other than that pissed Lee was bit but you hear a chomp and now Im wondering if Clem gets it cause here eyes look zombified in the ep 5 pic, look twice youll see it :cool:

Later , hope theres a season 2 by the way!!! :)
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