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Epi 3,trainstation,2 zombies attack main character, wrench holding door.

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I can't get passed this point and I've tried many times. Clementine is behind a locked gate, two zombies attack main character (I forget name). One zombie knocks his gun out of his hand, the wrench is on the door holding it open.

Do I punch a zombie? Both zombies? No zombies? I'm stuck. Thanks.:mad:
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  • Are you playing on pc or mac? If so, just back up to the point where the cursor is over the tool stuck in the door. Then press "2" on the keyboard. You should be able to pick it up.
  • back up and grab the wrench and kill the zombies:)
  • I am playing on a PC. I have, after MANY, MANY tries, now realize that I don't punch the zombies but "W" back. But now I need to know how do I make that weird "target" go from "eye" to the "hand"???
  • NEVERMIND! I figured that out!
  • I can't figure that part out either. I am on my laptop. I push "W" to back away and when I get close to the wrench I am unable to grab it. The orange sensor thing is not near it so I can grab it. How do I do it??
  • When you get close to the wrench use the mouse wheel and pick it up instead of the look at option.
  • Wow ... that was horrible guys ... : | ... I mean when I got mad cause I was pressing 'S' with all my life to back away.. which I had done 100% of the time BEFORE AND AFTER THAT ONE SCENE ALONE.... I read the words.. 'Press 'W' to back away..' ...... you can understand my amazement at that..... because... well... I had never pressed forward to back away.. And so ... the FIRST TIME I had ever seen 2 icons on the 'combat cursor' thing... with no idea how to use it ... as these other people also had the same similar problem .. I was double pissed. .. lol .. I mean that whole part of that was really frustrating and to make me have to stop // alt tab, look for a goddamn explanation .. for something that shoulda had a minor tutorial in the game to begin with : \ ... Anyway ... great game.. could use more than just point and click and zzZZzzzZZ ... otherwise great storyline and gameplay kept me hooked, however I was pretty angry @ the one sene lol.. thanks and keep up the good work looking forward to the next episodes.

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