Why am I getting this?

Sorry to disturb you guys,but can anyone tell me how to fix this?I had bought the first episode some time ago,but today I bought the entire game.But when I try to download an episode I get this:


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    Nobody knows? :/
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    Hi Foinikas, did you get the game on PC? Sorry this is delaying your enjoyment of the next episodes.

    Telltale are aware that some users have an issue with the downloads since the episode 4 release, and are actively working to resolve it as soon as possible.

    The official statement here will be updated when the fix is released. It also has a few things you might try to increase the chances of a successful download.

    There is also an unofficial workaround, but please bear in mind that this comes from other users and is not Telltale-tested.
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    Thank you for replying puzzlebox! Yes I got it for PC today.I already had bought and downloaded the first episode some weeks ago,but I got the entire game today,yeah it won't let me download the rest of the episodes.I will try to check the link you gave me,but since you reasured me that Telltale is working on to fix this,it's ok,now that I know that they care to fix it.
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    The official patch for the disconnection issue is out now. Restarting the game will download and install it automatically. Afterwards you should be able to download the episodes.
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