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Lee Everett or Rick Grimes

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Who would you trust most with your life?
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  • I haven't seen the TV show or read the comics, so until i read the comics and watch the show, Lee is my favorite.
  • Rick... he is leader material... Lee's not unfortunately. They look up to him but he just doesn't step up. I would be much more safe in a group with Rick in it, than Lee. Lee lets morons like Kenny boss him around....
  • Depends on the kind of Rick you're talking about. TV Rick? I'd consider it. Comic Rick? No way in hell.

    I'd trust Lee the most.
  • Lee - My Lee is a badass zombie terminator who does whatever it takes to protect his people.

    Rick's.... well... not.
  • Depends. Are we talking about Rick as he is in the game's time-frame, where he's still camped outside of Atlanta? Because then I'd probably pick Rick. On the other hand, if we're talking about the current version of Rick where he's been through a couple years of, I'd wanna stay away from that guy. I'm not sure if my Lee ever would have ended up like that.
  • My Lee

    He started off naive,but was and still is a loyal friend.
    He then became pretty ruthless and pragmatic near the end of episode 2 and the start of episode 3.Though he was still a "good guy" as he only was ruthless and pragmatic to protect his people,he would do anything for you if he could trust you.I should also mention that he never even threatened Vernon and his group,he realised Vernon was a good man also just trying to protect his people.

    Also this is my 100th post!HOORAY!!!
  • So TV Rick is slightly deranged after Lori's death, but he is still kind of normal.
    Comic Rick is a one-handed psycho, he won't care to kill people on sight and very brutally.
    My Lee quickly sees with which kind of people he is confronted to, and deals with them appropriately. He is supportive and quickly forgives people. I don't know if he would have survived if he continued like this, but he died as a good man.
  • Rick is nuts, he was a good leader but his mental state degrades much easier than anyone else. Lee maybe wasn't as tough as Rick, you can notice that no matter your choices in the game, Lee is always more democratic as a leader, while Rick is more like a dictator ( you are with him, or you are dead because you pissed him off )
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