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If Ep. 4 was 5 minutes long and 100% honest

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The groups is walking through the streets of Savannah to set themselves up for danger later on.

Can't I at least hold the walkie-talkie? You
haven't even asked me who the guy I
was talking to is or explained why
he is dangerous.

I said no. We're not following
that plot until the final episode.


Remember me and Omid? We had the
distrust for total strangers last
episode? Now we're following you and
want your permission to rest.

Since I only care for or disregard
other people's lives when it
creates tension, I'm going to say
no. We move to the boat.[/CENTER]

LEE makes a decision that quickly becomes pointless when he looks up and
sees MOLLY ringing bell towers.

I'm going to attract attention to the group by screaming at that
mysterious figure I just saw.

I'm going to be as annoying as
possible this episode so I'll start by
questioning if you saw anything for no apparent reason.

CHUCK sees some zombies while everybody is ignoring the fact
a loud bell is ringing like it's dinner time and their the meal.

I'm a drunk homeless man but I'm
going to say an archaic quote to
draw people's attention instead of
something like "Run! Walkers are

I got you, Chuck. Run everybody!

Untold amounts of walkers appear from seemingly nowhere and
the group gets surrounded. For no logical reason CLEM and BEN get
separated from the rest of the group and get trapped. BEN
runs instead of easily saving CLEM so you hate him more.
LEE unloads unlimited amount of ammo to kill the walkers
around CLEM but still fails. CHUCK the drunk intellectual
saves CLEM.
Go on ahead! I'll hold them off. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

I just met you last episode and you were kind of a dick with the whole "she's going to die" thing so yeah...

Don't try to save me.[/CENTER]

LEE ignores the minor character and runs away. The group
finds a house and after an easy puzzle LEE unlocks the doggie
door. CLEM goes through it and opens the door.

Ta da! I was frightened of walkers
finding us in the backyard but I
suddenly had no fear when running into
a dark house alone were I might be trapped with one. By the way, I'm
going to be pretty much doing
whatever I want all episode to
setup the plot for the next. But
I'll do useful things so you don't
get too annoyed until then.

Don't ever risk your life again!

You hurt my feelings. I hope you feel guilty for acting like a responsible adult.

I'm judging you for being so harsh on her
even though the last episode I
judged you for putting her in
They walk into the house.
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  • Best summary ever! Keep it up, we need the entire episode!

    Lee, you've only known me for 12
    hours, and I've been pretty judgey,
    so for some reason I can't
    understand why you kept from me
    that the walkie talkie works.

    Why are you here?

    Forget the walkie talkie. We need
    to find a boat! Even Chuck the
    hobo knows there's probably none
    left but it's the only way to create tension right now.

    Yeah. We'll give you the exact same
    choice you just made. Let Omid rest
    or find the boat, not that it
    serves any purpose other than pissing
    me or Kenny off.
    LEE pisses somebody off.

    Let's check this place. Lee, you
    take downstairs. Ben and I will
    check upstairs to set up the next


    LEE finds nothing then talks to CLEM.

    What did that guy on the
    walkie talkie say to you? I heard it for
    myself on the train but we don't
    want this episode to feel like a
    filler so we'll pretend we're
    moving the plot forward.

    He said he had my parents and to
    find him. Exactly what you heard.

    This is important. What did you say
    to him? We need to know before
    someone interrupts and we are left
    with no new information.[/CENTER]

    CLEM is silent and then BEN comes downstairs.

    Interrupting on que. Lee, Kenny
    isn't coming out of the attic. He's
    not in danger but for some vague reason
    it's really, really important you
    check on him this instant.

    Clem, Kenny being emo is more
    important than hearing about this
    crazy stalker and explaining why
    you should fear him. Sorry.[/CENTER]

    LEE goes upstairs and pretends to be shocked to find a
    half-naked walker boy.

    Looks like Duck, doesn't it? If he
    was half-naked and starved to death
    and had a huge head.

    Seriously? I was called up here for

    I don't think I can kill him, Lee.
    Decision time.[/CENTER]

    LEE decides if he or KENNY should kill the walker. It
    doesn't matter. It gets killed.

    I'll bury him. It will help build
    an emotional moment when I think
    about Clem dying.[/CENTER]

    LEE burys the boy in the backyard while CLEM watches with
    puppy dog eyes. LEE is sad. When he's done, he notices a
    shadowy figure he can't see in broad daylight. The figure
    runs away.

    Hey...! I'm not sure what yelling
    will do besides attract walkers,
    but I'm yelling![/CENTER]

    The whole groups comes out at once like they were all standing by the door.

    What's wrong?

    Some creepy stalker guy was there.

    This seems really important but
    let's go find a boat and completely
    ignore this until the end of the

    Clem, I'm going to let Ben watch
    you because he's sure to screw up
    and we're trying to build animosity
    towards him for a big decision
    towards the end of the episode.[/CENTER]

    LEE and KENNY leave to go find a boat.
  • Nice one, red panda!

    Please go on ^^

    I love this game but I cant help to notice some flaws in the characters here and then.

    Especially Kenny is completely unpredictable ("I will care or not care for others depending on what creates tension atm" EXACTLY ^^).

    Also I noticed this in Episode 3, when Lilly is angry for shooting the girl in the street or for Kenny wanting you to shoot her depending on your playthrough, even though this makes or would make you gather more food for the group - In the beginning of episode 2 she wants you to leave a helpless teacher and his only two surviving highschool pupils as food for the walkers, because otherwise they would cost the group food. And they even were alive and not bitten like the girl in the street.

    Very coherent.

    On another note: Am I the only one to notice that during the whole episode 4 no-one eats or drinks, ever? Since they left the motor inn suddenly all food concerns are gone.
  • MOAR!! Please, this is extremely funny and interesting. MOAAAR PLEASE!

    KENNY is in a pissy mood and making things awkward.

    Suddenly a bells rings in the distance. KENNY pulls out his
    gun and points it at nothing. They hide in a doorway while a
    street they just walked down is suddenly filled with a
    parade of walkers. After the parade passes, they move
    forward and KENNY sees nothing at the dock besides a broken

    There was likely no chance there
    would be any boats but I'm so
    surprised and upset to find that

    What is this? I don't even...

    I'll try to fix that boat that's
    half-way under water and
    obviously unfixable while you look
    for other boats.

    It's getting harder to tell if
    you're crazy or just really playing
    up the stupid angry redneck

    LEE goes Hulk and easily destroys a newspaper machine to get
    a quater for the telescope. He walks to the telescope and notices a pile of
    walkers and a huge sign that says STAY OUT.

    KENNY walks over after finally realizing he couldn't fix
    the boat and notices the pile of walkers also. After briefly
    acknowledging it they both ignore it and Lee scans the water
    and predictably sees nothing. Then he sees a ninja climbing
    down a building.

    So there is a urban ninja looking
    person scaling down a four story
    building. They're really stretching
    the ability to suspend disbelief
    this episode. Quick, hide![/CENTER]

    LEE and KENNY hide.

    Maybe it's the fucker that's been
    on the walkie talkie. I'm basing
    that on the fact they are a person
    not in our group. Let's ambush him!

    Do I really have a choice?[/CENTER]

    KENNY moves to alley with the gun so LEE is forced into
    dangerous hand-to-hand combat. LEE and the ninja fight. CLEM
    appears just in time to stop any real harm.

    (Being as cute as
    No! You wouldn't be violent if I'm
    watching, would you?[/CENTER]

    They stop fighting and look at CLEM being as cute as

    Clem, I'm going to completely
    ignore that you followed me and
    Kenny even though it raises so many

    (removes mask and does cute pose)
    You aren't from Crawford.[/CENTER]

    KENNY sneaks up from behind way too late and apparently
    hasn't been watching at all. He tries to attack MOLLY and
    she goes all ninja on him.

    No, he's with us!

    Not that should mean anything to me
    but I'll stop.

    Who are you?

    Where do I start? I'm so many
    Hollywood tropes rolled into one,
    but I'm primarily an Action Girl.
    I can kick ass and look cute
    effortlessly. I'm also edgy to
    hide a traumatic past experience.
    You'll see later.[/CENTER]

    [center] LEE
    I'm Lee. This is Kenny and Clem.

    Hi! I'm cute and constantly putting
    myself in danger.

    Please, explain what Crawford is so
    we have context for this episode.[/CENTER]

    MOLLY explains everything.

    Now that we're starting to build trust
    can you confirms you have been ringing
    those bells?

    Yes, that silhouette that exactly matched
    my figure on the Church was me.[/CENTER]

    KENNY points at her angrily.

    You're probably the WOMAN that's
    the MAN that's been fucking with us
    on the radio!

    Hey old man, didn't I just explain
    I'm the edgy action girl? You
    better get that finger out of my

    Yup, Kenny, you're definitely playing up
    the angry dumb redneck stereotype.[/CENTER]

    Well, I've given context to
    the story and began establishing
    trust to build a relationship so it's
    probably time for something to get
    the plot moving again.[/CENTER]

    Walkers appear.


    They all run into an alley. MOLLY gets to show her
    incredible action girl bad-assery and is about to leave them
    when CLEM acts cute and MOLLY decides to save them all.
    After trying ONE TIME to follow them, LEE gives up
    and finds himself trapped and forced to go into a sewer.
  • Red Panda;702238 said:

    KENNY moves to alley with the gun so LEE is forced into
    dangerous hand-to-hand combat.
    I also like how Kenny moves to the corner of that alley
    1) straight on which would probably put him inside the peripheral vision of any person given how close that corner is to ninja's position and
    2) so fast that he couldn't be that quiet

    yet somehow he goes completely unnoticed while LEE who approached from behind and slowly/cautiously was made by the ninja. like wtf

    Excellent thread Red Panda
  • Haha keep going.
  • RedPanda you have outdone yourself once again, this is hilarious
  • Lol, i'm actually reading all of it, :) There's a lot of truth and humor, and slightly "over the top-ness" lol, which is what makes it good.
  • These are similar to the ones posted on Cracked. It´s awesome.
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