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Whose death made you so emotional?

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A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
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  • ozzmann;687061 said:
    RIP Chet:D
    Sandra. Poor Sandra. :(
  • My reaction at Carley's deat was to say" WTF!"
  • i was in shock with carley, came outta nowhere mid-sentence, I was upset and in a fucking rage with lilly, i left her, I still dont know if i made the right choice but i had to draw the line someplace. but very rare for a game to actually have emotional ties with characters, telltale games have done a fucking phenominal job on character creation.
  • obviously it was lee's death... every dam time i miss a quick time event. But seriously it will be lee's death when he dies in episode 5.
  • My death. I was so pissed off at Clem when Lee got bit.:(
  • Pissed... at Clem? O_o
  • Carley. Only because of the way it happened. Don't get me wrong it is amazing story telling but it's just bs that that is the way it had to happen. I expected nothing less of a bite to anyone or maybe shot by a bandit/stranger. But Carley's was just out of the blue. Unlike Duck and Katjaa, Carley's left me with a wtf as well as an aw shit.
  • i actually cared more about Lilly leaving than any of the deaths : p
    but anyways, Duck's was easily the worst, you can see him slowly falling apart, the whole sequence was really sad
    and then his mother dies right in front of him, then his father starts talking about shooting him in the head with him sitting right there
    after that Id say Doug, kinda sucked that he died the way he did
    Kat after that
    then Larry
    after that I dont even care at all
    Carley was just some dumb broad who didnt know how to kick a walker off her foot

    and btw, why is Shaun on the list, but not Mark?
  • DreadMagus;701440 said:
    Pissed... at Clem? O_o
    Yeah, was. I'm passed that now, radio dude on the other hand....
  • You know despite what Lilly did to Carley or Doug I still wanted her along because she is strong and capable. Is she trustworthy? Yes to some degree. I mean she lost her damn mind and shot at someone. A mistake? A huge one yes but it wasn't because she didn't have a reason to. It was completely uncalled for and unforgivable but she did it with the right intentions. Because of that, she could be useful down the road. However, she steals the fucking RV so that made me look like a jackass by keeping her around lol.
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