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Episode 5 has to be really short then...

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If Lee is bitten then he doesn't have much time, huh? I doubt it's going to be very long episode at all.
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  • C`nr;700950 said:
    Are people forgetting the very very first trailer for TWD when Christa had a gun pointed to her head? I think this could be a VERY interesting episode!
    That was the deut trailer that also showed most of the group and glenn sitting around a campfire. They already stated that they have on few real moments in that trailer and others are hints. christa shooting herself while kenny screams no is really jolene shooting herself if u dont give her the gun lee is the one screaming no no nooo. Christa might die but it wont be suicide by gun. almost 100 percent for sure on that.
  • Why should this last episode be very short? The other episodes have huge time jumps (sorry, i don't know how I should explain it in English, but I hope you understand what I mean). For example they sleep during the other episodes and so on. If there are no "time jumps" (argh please tell me which words I should use for that^^) in episode 5, this episode can last up to 24 hours..
  • Sir Fruitcakes;694294 said:
    oh well thats gonna be fun working on that boat at the manor while omid christa and ben look for clementine! Not everyone had kenny come with em' man! :P
    True. It's gonna be either Lee till the end of EP 5 OR you take over as Clem. It can't be anyone else, as it is possible for Lee to go searching for Clem alone.
  • Just because there's usually a time jump, doesn't mean this episode won't start were you left off. Lee will be playable until the end. Look at the trophies since there the only hints we got(no preview this time).
    'Mercy' I assume is the confrontation with the shadow figure. You decide his phate. Kill him or knock him unconcious. 'What's in the bag?' Someones keeping secrets :) 'Stay close to me.' A Clem & Lee moment. On the verge of turning, there's 1 more decision to either kill yourself or tell Clementine to leave without you. If you turn, Clem makes her decision in 'What remains', depending on how she was raised by you.
    At this point sit back and relax for the rest of the episode unless they do let you control someone else, in which case, the only logical choice is Clementine. Now, please don't take anything I say personally or get mad if this doesn't happen, it's all speculation.
    However, I've been right so far at predictions mostly. The few times I was wrong were shocking or in denial of losing certain characters so easily....
  • Yertos;694293 said:
    Lee dies in chapter 5, rest of the episode you take control of Kenny. Make it happen Telltale!
    Not just no, but hell no. :)
  • DreadMagus;701173 said:
    Not just no, but hell no. :)
    I second this. I'd rather face a game over screen than play as Kenny for even half an episode.

    The episode will be the usual two to two and half hour long feature. It'll probably span about 24 hours maybe, roughly same as what episode 4 did.
  • Kenny has become a mopey(not sure of spelling here) b***h. The only thing he cares about is getting on the boat and sailing away. Staying true to the plan he devised to keep him and his family safe/alive(probably out of some sad push to continue on for kat and duck). If I have to control him I don't believe I will be signing up for(buying) Season 2.
  • After Lee, we'll probably control Clementine as she'll be the least hated character we have.

    Edit: Oooh, what if we get to control Molly? I'd love that.
  • I think after Lee's death you will just see an epiloge and won't play anyone else. Whatever it would be funny to play zombie-Lee lol
  • All episodes(maybe except Ep1) so far just took a day in the game,right ? And i'm sure Lee can last a day.
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