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Who Do You Think Is A Better Leader

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I Just wanna ask every one who do you think is a better leader in the walking dead series?(Sorry if i dont get them all)
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  • Lee - I don't think of Lee as an option, I mean, we controll him, he can be a good or bad leader depending of our actions.
    Shane - jerkass, not going to argue.
    Kenny - he was emotionally unstable, even before his family's death. I'm not saying he was a bad leader just because he gets pissed at god damn everything 3/4 of the times, but he didn't priorize the group, he just cared about his family. He did things that helped the group, sure, just because those things would help mainly his family, however. Kenny can be a really good friend, in not denying it; it just happens if you always agree with him, however, same with Lilly's warm side.
    Lilly - she became mentally unstable right after Kenny did, Kenny (and some Lees) drove her insane. Lilly never got along with anyone in the group, she cared about survival, and hoped people would just understand her actions someday. Also, for everyone out there saying Lilly is just the Frozen-hearted queen... Lilly has a loving and caring side too, if you understand what she does. However, she still looks forward to protect the group even if you don't side 100% with her.
    Rick - finally, Rick Grimes. He is probably the best leader, he has gone through a lot of shocking events that would have destroyed anyone *cough* Lilly and Kenny *cough*, and still gets to protect his group no matter what. Rick has managed to keep his group save for over a year and a half, they would have died in their camp outside of Atlanta if it wasn't for him. Rick has got all the characteristics of a good leader, that's why everyone feels safe around him.

    My vote goes for Rick. Lilly could be in second place, Lee in the third place, and fourth, Kenny. Shane would never be a good leader.
  • Larry. Best leader ever.
  • anonymau5;700503 said:
    Larry. Best leader ever.
    lol true
  • anonymau5;700503 said:
    Larry. Best leader ever.
    Why isn't this an option?

    With his new head, he'd stare down anybody :D
  • I think Lilly would've been a great leader if not for her weakness for her complete asshole of a father.
  • Yep, it's Lilly for me, she's strong, but like any leader can lose it.
    She had it harder with Kenny questioning her at every step, kind of like Rick and shane.. except Lilly kept her cool for longer.
  • Rick from the comic. Big difference from TV Rick, as he's yet to truly be tested as poor print Rick has. Sure hes cracked at times. Who wouldn't? But hes always able to pull himself together and think for the good of the group. Even Lee hasn't done that to the extent Rick has...yet.
  • If you were to drown out the psychotic episodes that Shane has and put the good survival qualities into Rick, then I would regard Rick as a good leader who is willing to stretch the bounds of morality at certain times to keep the group alive.

    Season 3 of the Walking Dead Rick is starting to get the picture what it means to survive, but he's still Rick, and overall a good leader. I wouldn't agree with everything he has done.

    Shane is unfortunate because if it wasn't for Lori pulling on his heartstrings Shane would actually be a competent leader. Granted, he doesn't have much room for compassion other than those in the group but sometimes that is needed when your surviving not just from walkers but also the living. There were a few decisions he made that I actually agreed with, ones that contrasted Ricks decisions. I'll never forget Rick foolishly, yes, foolishly, helping that kid who had his leg trapped in a spike on some railings, only a few minutes ago he was shooting at his group. Not only did Rick create a bigger problem bringing him back, he ended up where he started which was leaving him for dead.

    What would have Shane done? Probably would have put him out of his misery or left him there, which would have been the wiser choice.

    It's just a shame that Lori selfishly got pregnant in a world full of walkers and didn't think about the consequences about that without finding a safer place first to raise any child.

    I think Rick has grown up a bit. Shane always had a point, a valid point, that Rick couldn't make the hard decisions and compassion ruled his motto of surviving. Now with Season 3 kicking off, Rick might be making the hard decisions coming up later in the season. Although not always the smart ones.

    Kenny wasn't a bad leader when he was cool headed, but he lacked the smarts and kept focused one one thing only: Getting on a boat... Without even examining any alternatives.

    Lee is a backbencher, not a leader, don't think he has even come out as a leader yet. He still seems fine with letting the group make up its mind, I don't think he wants the responsibility so I wouldn't rely on him too much. But when it comes to it, he does make good decisions, depending on player input of course.

    Lilly... Is a complete and utter loose cannon waiting to be lit. Even when you meet her the first time this is evident. Her role as group leader is loose and rather forceful. She seems to be lacking control, bit like Shane, and isn't afraid to make the hard decisions but is visibly shaky to be around with. I wouldn't regard her as a good leader, more of a compromise.
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