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Favorite Episode Thus Far?

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Multiple choice is enabled, by the way, if you can't pick just one.
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  • 4 > 3 > 1 > 2

    4: I liked it that your opinions have an influence (okay, we will see in episode 5 if it really influence this chapter but I think so) Also I don't agree with the opinion of many people that all the characters act in such a silly way. Ben is just too young for the acopalypse -> he is no adult and so I can understand his coward actions without hating him. Lee was in panic when he picked up the phone, so he didn't check the thrash. Kenny lost his family -> everyone would act irrational in this situation.
    3: I liked the cruelty of this pre-apokalypse world and the dramatic scenes
    1: It was just a good intro for this story
    2: This chapter was unimportant for the whole story and that something is wrong with the cannibal family was very predictable. Well I don't hate this chapter but it was the weakest in my opinion.
  • I am suprised by the huge amount of people voting EP3. EP3 was by far the worst in my opinion. EP4 is the best so far. Loved the progression, the choices and most importantly the locations.

    In EP3 I absolutely hated the locations. Motor Inn, train and trainstation all tiny, boring and cramped places.
  • 4 > 2 > 3 > 1

    Episode 4 was amazing, 2 was epic with everything leading up to the showdown. 3 was...kind of boring, the only good thing about it was finally getting rid of Duck and getting to shoot him too.
  • DarcKage;701066 said:
    4 > 2 > 3 > 1

    Episode 4 was amazing, 2 was epic with everything leading up to the showdown. 3 was...kind of boring, the only good thing about it was finally getting rid of Duck and getting to shoot him too.
    Stop. he ran over shawn cuz shawn had to die...why not make it our groups fault(also as a farmhand he shouldve had duck on the ground....responsibly)
    then he talks too much....cuz thats all there is to do, they didnt grab his toys or his comics and no power for games or tv. He was an annoying little boy but he was a little (ok fake digital) boy. All these folks gripping on Clem and Duck need tp remember they are just kids. real life you could keep them close and avoid these things that they go through. It's a game and EVERY character is there to service the plot and move it forward.

    Anyway you were glad to shoot you even know what people think of child killers...Definitely dont make you cool. Sorry but i have an annoying little boy of my own and if you said you were glad to shoot him i would gladly shoot you and you would become accidentally Otis'd(tv show style):p

    p.s. not mad just saying jeez he was my robin;)
  • Honestly Episode 3 was really lacking in the game play department.Many of the plot devices were forced on us, we couldnt save Carly we couldn't save katcha from dying in anyway. Story wise it was a great episode, granted a little bit short but still great nonetheless
  • Long Road Ahead for me. I love the dark turn this episode gets, even though im a Lilly fan I still like this ep the best. Also I like how Lee has a pistol tucked in the back of his pants. Its about time he started packing heat haha. Duck and Kat dying within minutes of each other was emotionally great. Starved For Help is my second pick because it focuses on the living more, and how they are more dangerous then the walkers themselves.
  • I find they get better with each episode, therefore episode 4 is my favorite so far.

    I just liked the amount of variety there was.
  • I think 1 and 4 are the best so far. 1 is awesome because you can feel the tension building, 4 is awesome because to me it played out more like a movie than just an episode of deaths and depression
  • In general? 3 > 1 > 4 > 2 ... although 1 and 4 are pretty close.

    Do we know who's writing episode 5? I really hope it's Sean Vanaman, as my choices show. Lol. Not that the other episodes were bad, I just found the episodes he wrote to be superior.
    EDIT: I watched the livestream and Gary Whitta confirmed it is Sean Vanaman! Yessssss

    Each episode has really amazing moments, though, to be fair.

    1 - Choosing whether Irene should kill herself, and the babysitter scene were the best for me.
    2 - Punching out Andy and trying to keep Clem from eating Mark. That's probably the scene that freaks me out the most, even more than many of the deaths that Lee can have...
    3 - Duck's death. Enough said.
    4 - The whole ending sequence, starting with choosing Ben's fate. That last half hour or so is among the best written sequences of the game so far.

    If you judge by the best moments alone, I'd probably say that the order is from newest to oldest. High expectations for the last episode, really hoping that this branching will actually mean something.
  • 2>4>3>1

    Episode 2 had the best atmosphere in my opinion. Best music, dialogues, same false sense of security...
    Amazing episode with really breath-taking moments...

    Smashing Larry's head or not is still by far the best and most intense moment in the game for me. The only other moment I felt that way was when I realized Lee was bitten.
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