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( Spoilers) Who came with you and what you speculate will happen in Episode 5

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Hey, I'd just like to see your thoughts on who came with you and what may happen- I've only just finished the game today as it was out late on PS3 EU.

However, my end group was everyone the whole team: Kenny, Christa, Omid and Ben who all chose to accompany my Lee, Ben was the only one who required some motivation but they all came. However, I'm concerbed that no one's guarding the boat and deep down I'm thinking the maybe having every one accompany you is a bad idea? But...I'm also thinking the more support you have, the higher the percentage of Clementines survival- what do the rest of you think on this?

As for my speculations for Episode 5, I think my group (or whoever your group is) will be trying the hardest to avoid the walker horde in hopes of reaching clementine, before they reach the location I can imagine atleast one of your team dying via walkers, that's if you had more than two supporters. I actually think Ben will redeem himself in the end, if you opted to give him a second chance. I think he'll sacrafice himself to either save Clemetine or buy the group time in escaping the horde and maybe reaching the boat, I like Ben but I don't think he'll survive the episode for me (But you never know, he might). Anyway I think the team will eventually find the kidnapper and he's done something cruel to clementine which causes Lee to have an outburst of anger, he could possibly spare or kill him- but I honestly think despite me loving Clem as a character she may die. I think maybe some previous characters may show up to help the group. As for Lee, I think it would be a good end to his story if he died- yes, I'd be upset but it's a fitting end, still I'm not ruling out the option that he may live. I think most of the group will die, but to link it to season 2 one of them will have to survive, my thoughts may be pretty horrible but I'd like to see yours.

As for the characters left, here's what I think will happen:

Lee- I think he'll eventually succumb to the infection in mine, after saving Clemetine, then one of the group members will put him down to do him a favour- In mine I hope it's Kenny as he's the closest to Lee apart from Clementine.

Clementine- I think she could be killed by the kidnapper, depending on what your choose and do throughought the episode, but if she survives I can see her being scarred by the experience but maybe she'll be taken by Vernon or maybe even Christa and Omid- But what I'd like to happen is Kenny takes off with her at Lees request and they find a new group.

Ben- I don't think he'll, survive, yes I like him, but I think he'll make up for his mistakes and redeem himself by helping buy time for the group or sarcaficing himself for one of the group members in order that they live, because of recent events I'd guess that would be Kenny or Clementine.

Kenny- I'd like him to survive, I think there's a chance that he may and if he does him and Clementine will escape at Lees request and they'll find a new group in season 2 and he'll be the one to end Lee at Lees request, but if not that I'd like it to be that Kenny stays behind with Lee as he has nothing left and wants to die beside his friend.

Christa- I don't know what will happen to her, I could see her surving and taking care of Clementine, I can also see her dying so it's quite hard to speculate.

Omid- Again, I'm not quite sure but he seems able enough, I can see him living for most of the episode before possibly being killed or sacraficing himself for Christa, I could see him surviving though, but I think he'll die.

Anyway, thank you for reading I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the topic:)
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  • lee will die clem becomes the queen of the walkers :3
  • I think all of them will die except for Clementine and Molly, who I think Clementine will go with. I dunno, but I'm getting vibes that Molly could be the playable character for Season 2, assuming that they do carry on from Season 1 and don't have a new set of characters.
  • Oh god that would be good.
  • everyone except ben(left him with the boat since i chose the wrong speech option). Guessing lee and company will find clementine but have to do a few tasks for campman or something. Lee will get a choice to kill campman or show mercy, find clementine and show her the bite. Kenny and possibly ben or omid will die during episode 5 and remaining survivors get on boat. Lee gives clementine the video camera from episode 2 before she gets on the boat as the sunset is behind them. Clementine starts to cry slightly as were given the choice to either kill lee or have clementine finish lee. Either way lee falls to the ground and dies. Clementine and company drift away on the boat as a few minute flashback happens of every choice you made through the 5 episode and how it formed clementine on how to survive. As it ends it comes back to show clementine watching the video camera with a message lee recorded for her in case of his death. He gives a little speech and says his final goodbyes as the camera zooms out showing the sunset, the boat, and a tearful clementine. With a possibility of a next time on the walking dead or a next season preview.
  • Everyone dies. Clem survives. (Rhymes, doesn't it?)
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