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Choices youve regretted or rewound for

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Well, playing my natural decisions game, in hindsight, theres quite a few things I regret and probably will be a few more by the time I play Ep.5

Didnt realize there were 4 energy bars in the store, found 2, gave 1 to Clem, forgot about the other one
Wish I hadnt sided with Kenny from the beginning until mid ep.2
Gave Mark food... that was pointless
Thought I would have had more time to fix the swing at the dairy, didnt though : /
At dinner time, I yelled "It's... people!" because thats what the guy in Soylent Green did... that failed to get Clem to spit out the food though.
Not feeding Duck... his death was depressing.
I got punched once by Kenny, shoulda taken him down sooner
Shooting the walker off of Kenny in the street, also, I was generally neutral with my comments towards Kenny, wish I had been more rude to him
Wish I had treated Ben worse from the beginning, I still saved him and still would, but he deserves being belittled for being just so damn stupid
I should have been nicer to Christa, seems like a descent person after all

Ive only rewound twice, once was for a dialogue glitch, because I clicked on 1 thing, the game lagged, clicked on another and both dialogues initiated at the same time so i couldnt respond to one of them
the other was when Molly beat me up, the game crashed in the alley, so I had no choice but to go back and managed to beat her (the one thing I actually changed, but wouldnt have if it hadnt crashed)
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  • slough;701587 said:
    The only thing I rewound for was one of the things you regretted: the "It's... people!" thing. I thought it would have worked and it didn't. I was really horrified and didn't want Clem to eat Mark when it was entirely preventable, so I rewound. I know it's cheating but man...
    ya, i was thinking saying one of the other options would have been more appropriate to get her to stop
    but when I saw that line I immediately thought of the ending of Soylent Green and couldnt resist the option to pick it, lol
    I just wanted to yell "Soylent Green is PEOPLE!" and see a confused look on peoples faces

    whats with people regretting killing Danny though?
    He told me not to kill him so I could eat him, which was so bizarre and fucked up, i couldnt not kill him
    Ya, Clem saw, but thats good, teaches her to kill cannibals who feed her Mark
  • I regret not stealing from the car and letting Ben die. Everything else was cool though.
  • Leaving Clem behind in episode 4. I was worried about taking her with me to Crawford but as we started to leave I fully realized...
    1. She's eight, regardless if she has a gun or not.
    2. Alone with a sick and dying Omid
    3. Walkers might get in or the creepy radio guy.
    4. And she follows you whether you like it or not.
    5. I'm sure there is another reason but I can't think of it.
  • I only rewound because i felt bad for letting Ben die so i rewound and saved him, now i have 2 saves and don't know which one to play episode 5 with xD
  • i have played my game with no rewinds or changes and i wouldnt change them mostly. Maybe change doug for carley so i can tell everyone my past like i did on my second playthrough but most of the survivors die anyways so it seemed useless.
  • The only thing I regretted was Lying to Vernon about the meds. but the time was running out and I didn't want to mention Clem to these strangers. Once that "You lied to vernon" thing popped I was like "f**k, this is gonna end badly for me." turns out Brie doesn't talk to you and Vernon blows off all my "thanks for coming" or "sorry for your loss" choices. :(
  • I hardly regret anything. I'm happy with most of my choices, I accidentally disagreed with Kenny on episode two, when he suggested to go to savannah as get a boat, I didn't rewind to change it, though.
  • The game told me what I said scared Clem, so I rewound and chose something else. :x
  • Rewind = Lame. No rewinds in my game. No multiple playthroughs either.

    minor regrets:

    Not finding the animal crackers at the train. I like killing walkers so I missed that opportunity.

    Not using the "..." option more. I've used it a lot lately and it seems to be the best choice most of the time.

    Major regrets:
    Not siding with Lilly and supporting her more often.
  • I rewound to tell Kenny to suck it up in my second save, because evidently he didn't fully appreciate all Lee had done for him, but he damn well owed Lee some loyalty.
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