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The unofficial fate of Ben poll.

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So, here we are.. Everyone who said Pre-Ep4 that they wanted the option to kill Ben because of all the crap that happened previously.

Did you follow through or not?

Me, at first I did because I figured that knowing how these games have gone previously that if I tried to rescue him, something stupid would have happened and he would have fallen to his death anyway. But then as he smashed into the ground at the bottom of the stairwell, crying as the walkers started to eat him...

Well, I was like "damnnn lol that's really f*@king cold..."

So I rewound to see if I could actually save his stupid @ss. To my surprise, yes I could. And I'm glad I did too because when convincing him to come help search for Clementine. I told him that she was basically the reason he's still alive. And as a result he said "By the end of all this, I will make it up to everyone." Then the plotmarker checked at the top left noting that "You gave Ben the chance to prove himself", I wont forget that Telltale.;)
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