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Monkey Island Season Pass owners Bonus Disk

posted by flnettles on - last edited - Viewed by 431 users
Hi, I am a Tales of Monkey Island Season Pass owner on PSN, and also have the set on PC - how do I get the Bonus Disk offered on your site for Season Pass owners?
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  • Try here:

    or here:

    If you're logged in with the same ID you purchased the PC version on, they should show up as $0.00.

    You can order either cover, but not both, for free (plus postage).

    [Note: PC/Mac version must have been purchased from Telltale's store, not Steam or another platform]
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Based on your post history (see this thread), it looks like:

    a) You bought the PC version of the game off eBay and not from the Telltale Store.

    b) The version you bought off eBay is the Deluxe Edition (not available from the Telltale Store anymore) which includes the DVD (as WarpSpeed posted in the other thread, the DVD that comes with the edition you bought off eBay is EXACTLY the same as the one Telltale sells and Telltale has never offered a "bonus disc" besides the one that contains the episodes).

    Finally, owning the PS3 season pass does not entitle you to a free disc from the Telltale Store.

    To recap, the only way to get the only currently available DVD (which is a single disc and contains the episodes plus the special features listed here) for free is to be the owner of a season pass for the PC/Mac version of the game purchased from the Telltale Store.
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