Lost Saves-Walking Dead Ep4 [PC]

I just downloaded ep4 of the series, and when I went to play from where I left on episode 3, none of my save files showed up. They all simply vanished. I checked my save folder in the "My Documents" folder and all my save files showed up intact. I really do not want to nor have the time to play through all three episodes again plus the 4th one so if someone can offer a fix that would be greatly appreciated.

I play on Windows XP with the telltale store version.


  • MattPMattP ModeratorTelltale Staff
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    I apologize for the problem you are experiencing. You may be experiencing a second Gamedata folder containing another set of prefs and saves. Removing this folder from your computer should resolve the problem. If it does not, then unfortuantely your saves are not recoverable.
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    Where would I find this second Gamedata folder?
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