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I Blame Kat,

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If she didnt kill herself she would of been there to stop.Clem running off and Lee getting bit.
Look at Kenny he is trying. Clem. Everyone has baggage but she selfishly killed herself destroying Kennys last bit of humanity and dooming Lee.
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  • Well, anything up till this point tells us Katjaa wasn't that strong of a personalty holding on because she thought things would get better eventually.

    The moment Duck was going to be a zombie and had to be shot (or just left alone apparently) she knew that things were never going to go back to the old days and just caved. This was a long time coming to be honest. It didn't help she either suspected or knew her husband murdered someone.

    Also, Katjaa was hardly that good of an influence on Kenny because he was already being prick when his entire family was still alive.
  • Well it's Doug/Carley's fault Lee got bit. Clem said she didn't want anything from the car. But they had to give her batteries anyway.
  • Ya! Shame on kat for killing herself and not wanting to live in this cruel and sad world where someone close to you can die any second! Kat is so horrible for being so selfish and not wanting to live in such a evil fucked up world! It's all of her fault!
  • You know the dude who invented walkie-talkies? Yeah, it's all his fault.:mad:
  • The clumsy woman fell over while carrying Duck and what happens? DUCK GETS BIT!

    The blood is on her hands!
  • Cooperal wrote: »
    the clumsy woman fell over while carrying duck and what happens? Duck gets bit!

    The blood is on her hands!

    ya it's all her fault! She was in cahoots with the walkie talkie guy!
  • I will say that it is selfish of Kat to off herself. Was it wrong? Not necessarily but she left behind a husband who was depending on her. Not only does he lose his son but his wife too? Come on, I know the world is in shambles and she lost her son but she still has Kenny. Unless she didn't really like him which I doubt she wasn't taking his well being into account. It's bs. Duck would not have wanted his mother to go out this way, and now Kenny is more fucked up because of it. I do not blame Lee getting bit because of this though, but obviously this adds another layer of craziness to Kenny.
  • It's all Larrys fault. If he didn't decide to take a nap in the way of a salt lick he might have been able to do something. Screw that guy!
  • I blame Robert Kirkman...
  • Its totally thomas edison's fault; if he didnt harness the power of electricity (enter any reason not previously mentioned) would never have happened
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