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[Spoilers] What's your percentage? [Spoilers]

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I'm curious who everyone ended up with, and why?
Most particularly, I'm curious about the 16%, 10%, and 6% options.
What ending percentage did you get, and how do you like it?

I ended the game with the 13% option, and don't regret my decisions. I feel like dropping Ben saved a lot of lives in the future, considering how many people died because of his mess ups.
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  • ShadowFlux;701215 said:
    Let me get this your play-through Kenny doesn't like you, Kenny doesn't like Ben, Kenny could care less about Omid and Christa because they barely know each other. left Kenny alone with a working boat? He may as well just "guard" that boat right into the water and take off. :)
    I didn't leave him, he decided to be a bitch and stay behind. And he said he'd wait for Lee at least till nightfall, and even take him if they came back, although I wouldn't really want Lee to be on a boat with his friends if he's bit. And while I don't really trust him to help Lee if he can just leave him behind, this situation is a lot different. I really don't think he'd take off without the people who have been with him all along and helped him get the stuff for the boat.
  • Kenny was an asshole and was the only one who didn't come with me. He's never had my back ever since I tried to revive Larry, I'm glad he's finally open about it now.
  • Omid, Christa, myself and Kenny. Dropped Ben.

    So 13% I think it was?
  • 6%, just by myself. I didn't want to show the bite to the group, but I didn't want to pull off a Surprise Zombie Lee to the group either.
  • Omid, Christa and myself. 11%.

    Ben - dead
    Kenny - told to go fuck himself

    I saw one group at 12% that's Lee, Ben and Kenny. Wow, talk about setting the stage for some high intensity drama!
  • 6% here- Im going to save Clem and Im only taking my left arm with me
  • Everyone joined me. Now i just hope the boat is still there when i return
  • I got everyone (16%)

    I feel bad about leaving the boat though,and I also hope Ben does redeem himself.
  • Omid, Christa and Ben came with me.
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