[TWD] Need Help

Hi Im New to this game,

So I finish the episode 1 right now

Where do i download the latest episode?

Should i buy this game again or just download it(Is the download of new episode free or what?)

I heard there will be season 2 ( episode 6-10) Are those free? or you need to pay to download them?

Please help


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    If you're on PC, then you click on download on the top menu and it'll show you a list of all of the episodes. Click get to download more. If that doesn't help tell us what you're playing on.
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    If you bought the season pass then you don't need to pay anymore. If you didn't you will need to buy each episode.
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    I dont know how to download,

    I dont know if i bought a season pass o.o

    EDIT: Downloaded all the episodes

    Thank you
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    That's good. Did you buy the season pass then?
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