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Which version of The Walking Dead is your favourite?

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Which version of The Walking Dead do you like the most?

Mine would be the game (ours, not Activision´s). I feel it´s better written than either the comics or the series, and being a videogame and all, it really makes you live through all the agonizing decisions rather than experiencing second-hand.

As of the comics, I feel that for a story that is primarily character driven, every single character is an unlikeable dick (especially post-prison), so it´s really hard for me to empathize with them. I believe Jim Sterling explains it better than I do in]this video (just apply it to The Walking Dead rather than videogames). There´s also too many characters, more than the story has time to focus on, so a lot of the time they´re just background decoration and I forget they´re there (like Allen´s twins, until that one issue).

Another thing I don´t like about the comics is how almost every issue seems to be about to end just fine, then suddenly pulls a cliffhanger out of its ass. I wish someone reminded Kirkman he is allowed to finish his issues properly every once in a while. I´m currently reading through the "Fear The Hunters" arc, so I don´t know if it gets better after that.

In the series, I also hate almost every character, but only because they´re morons.

I haven´t read the novels, but seeing how they´re based on the comics, I´m afraid I may not like them for the same reasons I don´t like the comics.
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