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Bought Walking Dead...say's I didn't.

posted by RachB1888 on - last edited - Viewed by 3K users
So I just bought the Walking Dead and Almost Everything Pack...Got the download link on the first page right after purchase so I downloaded it fine. But when I went to play and say's I haven't bought it. Looked in my list of games on my account, and its not there. I have read other posts saying this happened to this just something that comes and goes or what?
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  • Thanks for the response. I tried both your suggestions but nothing changed. I then tried the unofficial workaround for downloading the episodes (copying .json files etc.). That got me past the login screen, but now it is sitting at the 'The Walking Dead' screen with the scrolling text.

    It does not download anything and my CPU is idle most of the time.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The game will need to verify your account status, so please ensure you have a strong internet connection when you launch the game. Also, please check to make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements to play the Walking Dead. These can be found on the store page. Also make sure you do not have any firewalls or anti-virus software preventing the game from communicating with our server.
  • im not even playin this on a pc and i cant even play it on ps3
  • Hello Matt,

    I verified everything. I played the first three episodes, so my computer obviously meets the requirements. I did not have any problems until Episode 4. My connection is strong (constant 16Mb/s downstream) and I disabled any firewall or anti-virus software to rule out any interference. I monitored my network traffic when the game is idling, and there is no traffic at all, it does not even seem to try to connect to your server.

    This is getting ridiculous, I love your games and this game in particular, but these hiccups are bordering on inexcusable.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    When you reinstalled the game, did you try to paste backed up saves into your directory before running the game?
  • I tried both these scenarios. A clean install without any savegame copies and an install on a different Windows 7 installation with copied savegames. The behaviour on these two system is identical.
  • A small addition: I tried another installation on a completely different machine that never had TWD installed before. The result is the same!

    Could you tell me the proper channel for a formal complaint and a refund request, please? Sadly there are no signals from your end when these problems are going to be fixed, I will no longer put up with this.
  • I tried another fresh installation on another system, and on that it tells me my account does not own the game.

    To sum up: I have two machines that stay at the 'The Walking Dead' screen after I entered my account information. On the third it tells me I don't own the game. That is unacceptable, as is the fact that this thread is getting ignored for almost a week now.

    Any more ideas? I can't play my purchased game, no matter what I try.
  • I'me having this issue too... Says i need to buy the game. I already own the game though xD I was playing it earlier but today it decided to be a jerk.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please try logging out and back into your account.
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