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TWD: Another save issue...

posted by Erwin the German on - last edited - Viewed by 373 users
Yes, I know you must be seeing plenty of these, but I haven't heard of anyone else having my specific problem, so... here we go.

I've got the Steam version of the game. Episode 4 is installed. However, when I go to play it the game disregards my previous story choices and asks me to randomize. Obviously I'm not especially fond of this idea, so I tried to replay through the last few moments of Episode 3 on my most recent save.

When I finish Episode 3, however, the game suddenly treats Episode 4 as "coming soon" instead of installed. Very bizarre.

I've submitted a support email to Telltale but I'm not sure when/if they'll ever get back to me. Should I wait for some kind of patch or does anyone know of a solution to this issue?
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