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Episode still on Coming Soon

I haven't been able to download episode 3 since its release. Now that episode 4 is out, it also is stuck at "Coming soon". I can't recall anything in particular having changed since the release of episode 2, but I have tried multiple things. The save game fix, disabling firewall and reinstalling the game. Also, it's the standalone version that I have (bought via Telltales own shop, not steam or such).

Anyone else have or had this issue, or possibly know what a solution could be?


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    Solved my own issue. If anyone have the same thing, figure I should share what the issue was.

    I discovered that my AV & Firewall software (Eset Security, in my case) had blocked the The Walking Dead. Simple as that. The problem is that TWD seem to be constructed in a way that network connections (including updates) are kind of hidden and could therefore be automatically denied by such security software. I want to add that this has seldom been an issue with other games or applications. Haven't tried this before because I earlier only disabled the firewall when looking for solution.

    Now I have reinstalled Eset to reset rules and activate interactive mode, so that every connecting attempt are prompted. I had to start TWD as Administrator for its initial connecting attempt to even be discovered by Eset, to be granted access.

    So now I can finally download and catch up with the episodes.
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