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The Episode 5 storyline

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As you may know, TTG gave out a list a long time ago of the name of the chapters, well here are the CONFIRMED chapter names of Episode 5:

Chapter 1 - Into The Fire
Chapter 2 - Twice Sky
Chapter 3 - There Ain't No Way
Chapter 4 - Mercy
Chapter 5 - The Marsh House
Chapter 6 - What's In The Bag?
Chapter 7 - Stay Close To Me
Chapter 8 - What Remains

And this is what I think will happen in each one..

Chapter 1 - Into The Fire:
Possibly something to do with the horde of zombies on the ground floor.

Chapter 2 - Twice Sky:
The only one I have no clue on.

Chapter 3 - There Ain't No Way:
Possibly, to do with the interrogator on the walkie-talkie doing something to the group that we really won't expect.

Chapter 4 - Mercy:
Lee about to kill the walkie-talkie man.

Chapter 5 - The Marsh House:
When we meet Clementine's parents for the first time. In ep.3 Clementine mentions about the marsh house being where her parents could be staying.

Chapter 6 - What's In The Bag?:
Hmmm... we'll have to wait and see...

Chapter 7 - Stay Close To Me:
Lee staying close to Clementine after knowing he's going to die from the bite. Along with Clementine being upset.

Chapter 8 - What Remains:
Everything all sad, Lee's "funeral"

Well that's my guess anywayzzzz
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  • Am I the only one that hopes we get a playable flashback moment (perhaps lee will black out due to his current medical state at one point?) just so we can see what exactly happened between him and the Senator? Its a huge important part of his past, and yet we know virtually nothing about what happened. Heck, it would be nice just to see the contrast between the way Lee was then as opposed to the way he is now.
  • I'd rather "see" it in a life flies before his eyes moment before he dies.
  • "I've got your parents right here"
    "Where are they? What's in the bag?"
    "It's ok,open it Clementine,take a look inside"
  • Haha, I think the only thing that could be more twisted than walkie talkie man doing that is if he brings clem to the marsh house and they find her parents are walkers, lol
  • Everyone seems to be ignoring the voicemail from episode 1, didn't clems mother say that they were at the hospital, i dont think theres a way that they would be at the hotel its not logical
  • Who cares. I've heard the guy who wrote Episode 3 is going to finish off the Season. I hope it's not true, because he couldn't tell a good story about a door knob being installed on a door. I'm just expecting more shocks, less competent story telling.
  • Willzy123;702575 said:

    Chapter 2 - Twice Sky:
    The only one I have no clue on.

    Well that's my guess anywayzzzz
    What do you think of the tower with the little red flag on it?

  • Chapter 1 - Into The Fire, Maybe a distraction. Lee draws herd away with a fire to get past.
    Chapter 2 - Twice Sky, Maybe Molly comes to a rescue.
    Chapter 3 - There Ain't No Way, Cant get through to Clem.
    Chapter 4 - Mercy, proberably the end of the kidnapper. Learn why?
    Chapter 5 - The Marsh House, Clems mum or a deserted Hotel.
    Chapter 6 - What's In The Bag? A photo of Lees past or by a miricale a way to sace his arm (cop out)
    Chapter 7 - Stay Close To Me, getting clem out of Savanah.
    Chapter 8 - What Remains, Lee death Sea Funeral and return of Molly or Season 2 charecter.
  • DreadMagus;702639 said:
    I doubt Clem's parents are alive.
    Me, too. It's possible that her mom is alive (though, highly unlikely), but her father is definitely dead. I mean, in episode 1, Clem's mother left a voicemail saying that he "had an incident with some crazy guy near the hotel," which, to me, implies that he was bit.
  • Kiel555;703212 said:
    What do you think of the tower with the little red flag on it?

    I've never been to savanah before but its most likely there state house
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