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Can't play the game on my new iPad !!

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Hi, I download the game on my new iPad iOS 6 and it's working fine until I purchased episode 2. At that time I can't lunch the game it give me black screen and failed to lunch !!! I try to re install the game many times, but nothing works. Is there any way to fix this problem because I haven't played the game yet and I payed for two episodes !!!
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  • Sorry to hear that you have problems mate, did you install the update recentley? I installed one last week and on the actual screen with all the episodes and the multi pack etc, I noticed a restore option I ent sure what that does not sure if it restores the game or restores the choices you make through out the game it's worth a shot I suppose. Bu dont quote me on that

    Sorry I couldn't be more help
  • Thank you for replay, but my problem is that I can't even see the menu of the game. Only the title after I start the app that shows me a black screen then crash. If I could get refund, I will be more than happy.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please shutdown any applications you are not using that are running in the background. This should free up necessary system resources. Also, please restart the device before attempting to launch the game again.

    Unfortunately, we can not offer a refund for any purchases made through the iTunes store. You will need to contact iTunes Support for further assistance.
  • I did all of that and still not working, shows me the title then black screen finally closing the app.
  • Hey everyone i bought the game and the multi pack that's episodes 2-5 and I read that episode 3 is out for the iOS but when I go too chapters it says coming soon now I live in Ontario Canada now is it possible that it's not released yet in Canada? Or is there something wrong with it cuz it doesn't show up as needing too be updated so can someone plz help plz
  • Same problem her I see only the title and I buy the multy pac but it wont work
  • I think there is no way to fix this issue except with update, which I doubt it for this time. It means that we lost our money. The funny thing that I try to download it in my iPhone 4, and it's working good so far. Of course I won't try download the second episode until I beat the first.
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