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Blood Transfusion, a way to cure infection?

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So, I was thinking about this the other night.


Lee did not cut his hand right after being bitten, so the infection must have spread to his entire body already.
The only way I see him surviving this is if someone found him, cut his hand (it would continue to spread the infection otherwise), then make a blood transfusion to clear his body.
Of course it would require a set number of transfusions to make sure his blood was clear. But it could be possible.
It would be a perfect way to end this season in my opinion.

What do you guys think about this? Finally a way to save Lee?
I don't see Telltale doing this though, too late for new ideas. :(
If I only new he was going to get bitten before the game was released. Hahahahaha.
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  • I thought about this too and maybe if you saved ben you could use his blood or if you had been with kenny for the entire game you could get some of his. I feel vernon or a doctor is needed though and medical equipment and im not sure where they would get the stuff.
  • Ghositex;703261 said:
    Exactly. This will never happen. Episode 5 eill most likely be all about finding clementine, lee knows he's fucked and just wants to get Clemmy safe before he dies. We won't spend a whole week trying to find the equipment to save lee.
    celticbhoy32;703293 said:
    wtf are ye on about??? would this work for an AIDS patient? someone with leukeameia?? ffs lee's fucked end of......
    cormoran;703337 said:
    I have a few small issues wth the transfusion idea.

    Who in the current group is qualified to administer such a treatment? (Remember that Vernon has dissapeared)

    With what equipment are they going to administer this treatment with?

    With whose blood are they going to replace Lee's with? (do we even know if anyone in the group has his blood type?)

    How will the above three be accomplished within the day or so it will take Lee to die from the bite?
    See, here are people with their "logic" and "reasoning" shitting on the most brilliant idea in forever. Seriously. But don't listen to them.
  • Zeruis;703345 said:
    They're in a morgue. Am I too optimistic that Lee cuts his arm off and survives in the first chapter of episode 5? :p
    That would seem right but everyone just yells about the infection spreading fast and its already past his arm. Would have been cool for him to cut off his arm and maybe get a robot(full metal alchemist style :D) or prostetic arm.
  • I don't think it's a blood disease - the bloodstream is just a transport to the brain or whatever cells are infected - so it would seem that a transfusion is pointless.

    At this point, it would be a total cop-out if Lee somehow survives, IMHO.
  • I agree. The blood isn't what's killing Lee. It just transports the disease to Lee's organs, which is why it kills so fast. Once it's delivered, it doesn't matter if the blood is clean.

    The disease isn't like rot or gangrene that spreads from an area and can be amputated. At least it doesn't seem that way, based on how people seem to grow weak and die with their bodies otherwise intact. It's not like people have parts of their body zombify while they're still alive. Pretty much their arms and legs work up until they die, so the flesh isn't targeted by the disease.

    If the disease gets in the bloodstream, it should be too late. Maybe someone who has their arm attached but the blood cut off before the bite happens could survive by immediate amputation, but that's about it. If the blood is moving normally, there's no way to amputate fast enough.
  • Guys I think you are just gonna have to deal with the fact that Lee IS going to die.
  • Er...yeah, agreed. This is precisely why blood diseases are so terrifying -- because blood goes everywhere and infects, well, pretty much everything. Transfusions replace lost blood, but they can't cure infection. Scenarios which remove *all* of the blood from a human body -- well, that would kill someone, unless we're entering the realm of some pretty extreme science fiction.
  • it could work, but you need proper medical attention with clean tubes, blood type checking, disinfectants, tweezers, stuff :L
  • I got a better idea, I'll make a time machine out of a DeLorean and go back into time and save Lee from being bitten. Does anyone have any plutonium?
  • ZombieGoBoom;703439 said:
    I got a better idea, I'll make a time machine out of a DeLorean and go back into time and save Lee from being bitten. Does anyone have any plutonium?
    Actually, I still think there's going to be a Back to the Future crossover.
    Think about it.

    Episode 5 of The Walking Dead is "No Time Left".
    Episode 5 of Back to the Future is "Outatime".

    It's pretty obvious, people.
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