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Suggestions for merchandise!

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Ok so what kind of The Walking Dead game merchandise would you want to see and buy from Telltale?

My suggestions: A couple of T-shirts featuring the undead and/or survivors.Some T-shirts with game characters only,some T-shirts with LOGO and some smart line or scene from the game.

Some posters!I would definetely buy TWD game posters to put on my room.

Probably some figures or plush toys!

What about you guys?
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  • I would love to get the walking dead PAX limited addition poster with lee and clementine.
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    Wouldn't that be horrible placing a zombie in one corner of your room?Yes,I mean TT could build some man-sized zombie models for sale,you see Halloween is around the corner,and zombie is one of the undeniable representatives of Halloween,so to speak,zombie is around the corner !Perfect
  • Who talked about man-sized models?I said figures as in action figures and plush toys.I'd definetely buy some plush toys and all the above!T-shirts,Posters,maps,plush toys and whatever else they make :D
  • I think they should so totally do sweaters (Clems Brooklyn one) hats (both kenny & Clem's) Shirts would be cool as would posters. I myself have made TWD magnets with different pictures through shutterfly for christmas gifts (To go with retail disc copies of this game for my better friends:p)
  • A Clementine Hat (like the one she wears because my nickname starts with a 'D')

    Game cast figurines, including a few zombie ones.

    Metal/Aluminum Lunch Box? With the WDG cast on it.

    T-shirts with funny sayings on it from the game, or t's with illustrations (character drawings) on them.
  • Figurines would be cool.

    Maybe a "Kenny Brand Handlebar Mustache"
  • Doug's sweater. :p

    I would love to purchase some TWD The game T-shirts.

    Well, all what people have said already above. :D
  • I would love some more merchandise of the game! I already own the St.John dairy t-shirt and the poster from PAX, but I'd like something like scene posters or t-shirts of the actual characters. There are gobs of merchandise of the comics, I'd like to see some merchandise from game.
  • Poster from PAX? What's that?
  • Foinikas;704232 said:
    Poster from PAX? What's that?
    Right here:

    It's pretty simple, nothing out of the ordinary. The poster was given out to everyone who attended the Walking Dead panel at PAX gaming convention this year.
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